Second last swim session for her before the package runs out.

I'm already thinking about where to bring her next, because she clearly enjoys swimming.
But she's really too tall for the tank so babyspa is out.

Today she had 2 younger boys join her in the water.
The first one wailed nonstop and she simply looked at him, frowned and carried on with her usual business, ie holding on to two buckets at the same time. πŸ˜…

The second boy was so cute and chubby! He smiled so easily and so brightly that his eyes would become inverted crescents ➑ 😁.

Clarissa kept exclaiming "Beh-beh!" very happily when we asked her where the baby was.
I tried to take a video but my timing was always off, as usual.

I guess she's started saying her own version of some words now. They all sound very similar so I have been trying to observe the slight differences in her pronunciation.

For example, she says "Baba" a lot.

But only "Baba?" with the 2nd "ba" at a higher pitch is the right one referring to her Daddy.
"Pa-pa" or "Pa!" refers to a ball.
"Beh-beh" means baby.

All other forms of "baba" are just random Minionese. πŸ˜…
At least nothing she's been saying consistently enough for me to catch on.

Recently she's been storming (ie crawling very quickly) into the study room looking for me and exclaiming, "Bababa!"
Our helper would correct her, "It's mama! Not baba!"
She'd pause for 2 seconds and shout "Mama!" happily before continuing to crawl over to me.

This morning she pointed at me and said "Mama!" and I was about to get all excited when she simply reached over to pull off my hair clip.

I was asking the hubs, "Did you hear that? Did you hear that?"
He gave me a duh? face. πŸ˜…

Imma start monitoring for consistency.

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