On the way home from my in-laws.
We set off after little boss dozed off drinking her milk. ✌

I have resorted to placing the blanket on the top of the car seat to cover her eyes. She stirred when the car got out of the carpark, and pulled the blanket down further for even better coverage. 😅

"Guniang!" The hubs and I looked at each other from the rear view mirror, and laughed.
Not to be stereotyping; we just find it funny. 😜

Mommy, are you sure I look good with this scarf?

Should I do a catwalk?

Walk with me, Mommy!

In a bid to make her learn to balance and walk on her own, I've been telling her for the past few weeks, I'm not following you so please walk properly on your own.

She wouldn't take no for an answer and would pull a corner of my shorts or tshirt to ensure I follow along for support.

But this isn't very stable because I'd be hovering over her and can't always catch her in time if she stumbles.

So yesterday as I dished out my usual ineffective threat, she reached up to pull my tshirt collar instead, and dragged me along. 😂
That way, I was forced to bend over so I'd be closer to her.
I guess that made her feel more secure?

So the scene below was on repeat mode last night:

👶: (Starts to walk away from the sofa)
👩: Where are going Clarissa?
👶: Ahh! (Takes a step out)
👩: I'm not following you~~
👶: Bababa! (What nonsense is that, Mommy?)
👩: I'm not fo..

👶: (Turns back and pulls 👩's collar)
👩: ..ing you!
👶: (Charges forward with 👩 in tow)
👶: Ahh! Bababa! (Giggles excitedly)



So my mom dropped by this evening and as usual, little boss rummaged through her bag to look for her phone. 😅

We were talking and watching TV, not paying full attention to the little girl, until my mom took back her phone and saw this.

Our daughter's first real selfie, taken by herself, duh. 😅

Blurred because she was moving, and there's Daddy's foot in the background.

But the angle and expression, oh my.

I saw her holding the phone above her head, but didn't realise she was trying to take a picture of herself. 😅

We all laughed, and my mom, her biggest fan, kept saying, "So smart, so smart!"

That spurred the little boss on, so she spent the next 5 minutes trying to take more selfies.

To be honest, my first reaction was that of amazement and amusement.
We take selfies with her, but not often at the typical, tilt from top down angle.
Not sure where she picked it up from.

As I was putting the collage together, I felt a little worried.

Is she too young to be using the phone like this?

Should we let it be a means for her to learn something, or discourage her from using it altogether?

Technology is a double edged sword, isn't it?

I guess for now, moderation in all things would be the way to go.

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