My audience at lunch.

Anything wrong with that, Mommy?

I just want to be near you!

Anyway she turned her attention away from me and started trying to grab something from underneath the table.
She looked very puzzled when she caught nothing in her hand.

Her hand went underneath the table again, grabbed nothing again.
She started at her empty hand again, bewildered.

We wondered what she was trying to do, and we realised that she was trying to grab the reflection of the bottle from underneath the table! šŸ˜…

She thought there was another bottle under the table lol!

Aww our silly and funny little girl.

To think I was so impressed with her before lunch.

She was standing in her playpen quietly, watching our helper cook lunch.

I took her to her room and tried to get her to sit with me to play but she stood quite still and smiled uneasily.

"Why?" I asked her, "You don't want to play?"
She looked at me and put her hand on the changing mat on the bed.
And then she pointed to her diaper and patted it twice.

So I checked her diaper and found poop. šŸ˜…

She was so calm and didn't make a fuss at all! šŸ˜

And now we know.
When she's too quiet, it is because (1) She's up to no good or (2) She pooped. šŸ˜…

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