Babyspa graduation day

Boo. No more swimming at babyspa after today.

I don't think we told her it was the last session but omg she was quite listless and 忧郁 in the pool today.

Usually she'd be cheerfully kicking and splashing away and exclaiming "Beh-beh!" if there are fellow babies in the pool with her but today her response to everything was so muted, so.. sian. 😅

She was in the neck float for less than 10 minutes and we had to transfer her to the sitting float because she was starting to whine.

Her expressions ranged from unimpressed to half impressed only. 😂

Once in a while she would kick the water vigorously and smile really brightly. But it was still a far cry from her usual swim sessions.

Graduation day leh, why like that. 😅

We had one massage session left but we opted to exchange it for a hair cut instead.

This girl insisted on sitting on the brakes instead of the seat. 😂

Checking for blind spot. 😂

We went for a quick supermarket run after a lousy lunch at manhatten fish, and little boss said:

Aaah.. per.

While pointing at the trays full of apples!

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