To Bali (again)!

The boss and her "Mam!" 😅

Now, how do I do this?

Daddy to the rescue!

So here we are, at Club Med Bali again, and I'm doing nap duty again. 😉

We took a very early flight out and got here before 11am.

The flight went well until the last 30 minutes, because someone got tired and cranky and yet wanted to keep moving. She walked to an empty row of seats and pulled out all the magazines in the seat pocket, thank you very much.

Took her back to our seat but she attempted to walk into business class. 😌

We were about to land soon so we had no choice but to strap her in and she cried, tears and snot and mucus all.
She eventually fell asleep just as we were landing.

But it was a really short nap because she woke up soon after we got off the plane.

This girl is at a "I'm exhausted but I want to play" stage so she cries when she's about to fall asleep.
It's like she's protesting, but but but I don't want to sleep! Yet! 😅

For this trip, success to me would be:
🔅 Yoga
🔅 Swim
🔅 Watch korean drama
🔅 Get a massage
🔅 Maybe finish a book, just maybe

More importantly I hope Clarissa and the hubs have some good fun with their playmates and buddies.

We are taking this trip with 3 of the hubs' friends and their families.
Including Clarissa there are 4 little girls and 1 little boy. Three of the girls are pretty close in age.

We took the flight with one of them and already they were pointing and poking at each other. 😅

I hope the kiddos have fun interacting with one another!

Someone woke up feeling happy and even decided to keep herself hydrated without Mommy asking her to drink up.

Decided to take her to the kids playroom before swimming.

But first up, ootd outside our room.
We got a very nice corner unit this time, with a small balcony just in front of the door.

Off we went!

We had to walk along this long pathway to get to the kids' room, and little miss adventurous was charging ahead with the two of us holding a hand each, until she saw the pond.

And then she started walking in her own designated zig zag path.

She'd stop at one side, look/shriek at whatever she saw, take either the hubs' or my hand, and cross to the other side to do the same thing again.

Every. Two. Minutes. 😅

At the rate we were going, we thought it'd be dinner time by the time we get to the kids' room.
So Daddy scooped her up and carried her there instead. 😅

She loves the kids' room!

I think it's a combination of the huge space and all the toys.

See these stairs here?

Omg she suddenly took an interest in climbing the stairs.
Yep, cannot walk yet but want to climb up and down the stairs. 😅

She would walk up two steps, turn and walk down two steps.
I must have walked with her at least 200 times before I couldn't take it anymore and asked the hubs to take over.
My back, oh my back.
I swear I heard it creak and threaten to break. 😅

The hubs nearly went berserk too (see 3rd picture lol), at the 20th count.

But seeing that delight and glee on her face, what's another 2,000 steps? 😅😂

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