We are back!

No updates yesterday because I dozed off with the phone in my hand while waiting to upload this video.

This is what happens every time her feet touch the ground.
It's like she has a switch that turns on immediately and she charges ahead once she secures a hand to hold her.

It's like she's saying:

Yeah! Let's go!

When she chuckles and sometimes shouts in delight.

For someone who can't walk independently, this speed feels like she's running already.
We have to keep telling her to slow down.

She makes simple pleasures like this feel so delightful, it's lovely to watch.

Oh, and stairs.

For some reason she loves climbing stairs. Not just the steps we walked 200 times in the kids room on Day 1, but any form of steps, stairs, elevated platform.

She even remembers where she sees those stairs and walks back to them so she can exercise my back.

She doesn't climb stairs like young children usually do, which is one foot up, rest the other foot on the same level before taking the next step up.

She tries to walk like adults! One foot after another, no resting. 😅

The hubs took another much longer video of her charging along the corridor and she kept stopping at the step in front of the door, wanting to step up.
Except it's other people's room, so of course we have to stop her. 😂

Overall, she is still very cautious about walking independently.
She'd always try to grab our hands before she walks. And sometimes she'd stop to adjust my grip because she prefers me to hold her hand instead of her wrist.
Bossy much? 😅

What a difference 2 months make.
Club med is pretty much the same, except it's more crowded this time round.

I managed to do everything on my list. Though it took me 2 days to finish one episode of Korean drama. And I read only half a chapter of my book while the little boss took a nap before our flight back.

I think both the hubs and the bubs had a good time.

I was really tickled by the things the hubs say to his buddies.

We were at the common pool when one of his friends remarked that the pool was too shallow at only 0.8 metres.

He told his friend:

Eh I think when you swim, your belly will touch the floor.

Hahahaha I couldn't stop laughing.

And then they really wanted to try if their bellies would touch the floor in the 0.5m kids pool. 😅

I guess this is the kind of friendship where you see one another grow up from boys to uncles, and the jokes and response just come naturally.

As for the bubs, it's wonderful seeing her so eager to explore (but with some caution) and sometimes even get impatient waiting for us to get ready to head out.

This morning she kept whining nonstop while I tried to entertain her in bed.

"What do you want?" I asked her.
She pointed at the door.
I put on her shoes for her and she immediately made her way down the bed, took my hand and walked to the door. 😅

The down side of this is that she's become cranky bananas since reaching home.

She rejected our helper and refused to sleep. She basically just wanted to do anything but sleep. And if we stopped her, she would wail or cry until she choked.

First attempt by the helper ended with her walking to our room, because our helper asked her what she wanted. 😅

Second attempt by me ended in tears and near vomiting.

After she calmed down I fed her dinner because she refused to let our helper feed her.
She was so tired she only ate a third of her porridge but most of the fish.

Third attempt by me ended with her leaping out of the sarong.
I sat her down and asked her what she wanted.
She pointed at the door and led me to the study room.

She wanted to look into the mirror in the study room. 😅

After she was satisfied, she led me to the kitchen entrance and called out, "Yaya!" at our helper.

She calls our "Yaya", which means "nanny" in tagalog.

We thought she might have forgotten her nanny after 4 days in Bali, but I guess she was just being cheeky/cranky. 😅

Long story short, she finally fell asleep on our bed after a lot of whining and flipping around, on my arm and to the hubs' singing.

Zzz monster's going strong because she refused the dream feed at 10pm.

Hope she wakes up feeling rested and back to normal routine!

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