Huge ass pizza for my farewell lunch today.
We had 2 of these for some 12 of us.

I was asked to give what would hopefully be the last of my farewell speeches.

Tomorrow would be my last day with the current business unit.
It's 21:19 now and I'm in a cab on my way home.
It's been a crazy two weeks since coming back from Bali.
I have had 7 days of back to back to back meetings, some days stretching to beyond 9pm and today is one of them.

I'm not really having any separation anxiety, unlike my first assignment change in this company where I was with the same brand I loved so much for nearly 4 years.

I am having problems trying to finish up all the work though.
It's a combination of having too much work to complete and not having the time to do it because my days have been packed with regular meetings, onboarding meetings and handover meetings.

The good news is that I'm actually feeling very energised by this new role and all the possibilities it brings.
I feel happy that I'm coming back to doing things I enjoy.
Consumers and communication.

I can't wait to start. 😁

The hubs and the bubs were at the void deck waiting for me when the cab turned in.
I tried to sneak up to the little one but she'd already seen me and so she walked towards me very excitedly.

She then tried to chase after a cat while exclaiming, "EH! YEH! YEHYEH!" but the cat walked away. πŸ˜…

Came home to a bowl of green bean soup prepared by the helper.

The hubs told me how he was playing duplo with Clarissa earlier this evening and how she reversed herself to sit on his lap, took his hands and wrapped them around herself.

I think his heart melted there and then.

Mine too. 😁

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