New object of interest before I left for work this morning: My hair band.

Day 1 at new BU

It didn't feel very different, except that I had to manually press the buttons for my new floor at the lift.

I went back to my previous floor to clear my locker and move stuff to my new locker.
Dropped off something at a close colleague/friend's desk and when I passed by the row of seats, everyone was glued to their computers.

Man, how stressful was Monday.

I went back to my new floor, packed my stuff into my new locker and I felt glad.

I went back to my new floor, packed stuff into my new locker, updated my email signature, joined a meeting, struggled with the online booking system for my upcoming business trips, and ended the day with two very good meetings.

It feels good to learn from intelligent people who are passionate about the business and consumer.
Boy, I haven't realised how much I've missed discussions like this.

It is an extremely complex organisation with a few big challenges that are equally complex to solve.

At the same time, it is exciting and energising.

We shall see.

February is going to be a crazy, crazy month.

I'd be going to Jakarta this coming Wednesday and Thursday.
Taking a 645am flight, so I get to spend time with Clarissa tomorriw night.

Took leave on Friday – as planned since last year – the original intention was to do some spring cleaning but I've decided to spring clean my hair instead. 😅

And then it'd a hectic Chinese New Year.

A week later, I'd take a red eye flight to Osaka to attend research over the weekend, and take another red eye flight back to Singapore.
I'd spend just 12 hours at home before flying out to Guangzhou on Monday night before taking yet another overnight flight back to Singapore, arriving 6am on Friday.

Have you dozed off already? 😂

I'm guessing my theme song of the month might be "Zombie".

I hate red eye flights because I can never sleep in the plane but at my current life stage it seems absolutely necessary.
It maximises my time at home and at work, though I'm not sure how awake I'd be. I'd have to rely on adrenaline or coffee or both.

I hope I won't miss out too much at home with our little girl who has been bursting with cheekiness and some sort of mischief.

When we got home this evening, she tried to squeeze her way out of the door. 😅

My elder sister was here to see Clarissa, and according to her, Clarissa was taking her around the house, showing her toys to her and trying to demonstrate how to get music out of the toy dog.

And then they read a book which featured a ball on one of the pages, and the little girl brought her auntie into her room to look for her little ball.

What a sweet interaction, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. 😁