Baby gym attempt #2

A sunflower for me?
Oh you shouldn't have.

Do I hold it like this?

Or like this?

Come, let me take you out for a walk.

Gym time!

Dancing before class started.

3rd attempt at a hand stand.

Her first attempt was the best.
Daddy was the one who took her there and I caught her smiling a little while staring at Daddy upside down.
But she saw me standing outside, and started wailing. 😦

Next two attempts were done in tears.

Class didn't go too well. She cried less but seemed really frazzled by the number of people and the pace of the class.

Good thing we missed the $50 off promo and didn't sign up for the package.

The hubs was disappointed with her "performance" today, but I reminded him that we all went to school for the first time when we were 5, and Clarissa's all of 15 months young.
Also had to stop him from saying the word "lousy" in front of her.
Dads and tough love. 😅

At the end of the day it's about building her confidence and having fun at the same time. No point stressing her out.

I'm thinking of letting her try out music or other gym classes, or go back to her first love, swimming. 😁

We will find something she enjoys doing!