CNY Eve!

Pretty hectic Chinese New Year's Eve that started with some cheese french toast.

And then the hubs went to the temple, the helper got busy changing the bedsheets while I fed Clarissa and tried to make her sleep.

She was throwing tantrums in the sarong so I spent an hour watching her roll around on our bed (with new bedsheets).

She kept stealing glances at me to check if I was still there so I pretended to sleep. She played peekaboo on her own until she dozed off. 😅

This is Clarissa's 2nd Chinese New Year and I'm feeling nervous about disrupting her schedule with the visitations and all.
Especially Day 2 when we have to drive in to Malaysia.

But I hope she has some fun basking in the festivities.

This girl has got quite a good sense of humour, I've realised.

Last night and this morning, we were having dinner / watching TV when she suddenly let out a somewhat angry shriek.
All of us were surprised by her outburst and immediately turned to look at her.

All eyes on her, she looked at us, broke into a very sweet smile and said, "Heh heh".

What was that huh. 😅

Oh, and she aways laughs at herself after she sneezes. 😁

Hehe our funny little girl.

The little boss having steamboat for the first time.

Lol just kidding.
We made her some fish slices with soup and rice before steamboat commenced.

She probably sat at the table for all of ten minutes before she got fidgety and sweaty.

Enjoyed some new year goodies.

She refused to do her gongxi gongxi despite everyone's attempts to make her show it to them.
But she still got her angbaos.😅

And then we went for Round 2 at my parents' place.

This is Clarissa's third visit.

The first time was when she was a month old, we had to stop by for a diaper change before continuing our way to her full month party. 😅
The second time was CNY last year, when she was three months old and we didn't remember much of anything because we were just too exhausted.

She really made herself at home, cleaning the floor commando crawl style, dancing, walking around and offering drinks to us. 😁

What looked like a good wefie with her aunties.

What happened in reality: She walked away just as the picture was taken. 😅

New dance moves.

Engrossed in TV like Daddy.

Aunties bribed her with a toy penguin and a real apple, to which she said "Aaah-per" and then threw it like a ball. 🙈

Very wu-seh (stylo-milo) pose.
Spot little Joy on her head! CNY gift from her si-yi.
She loves it!

Very obsessed with her own reflection. 😅

Dining room mirror famfie before we went home. 😍

Came home, wiped her down, changed her and gave her milk again.

She fell asleep less than five minutes after lights-out.

Hahaha too much fun?

Sleep tight darling!
快高长大哦! 😘