CNY Cool down day

These are the cards little boss can point out for sure.
I tested at least twice to confirm. πŸ˜…

There are a few others, but she hasn't been consistent so I'll leave it till the next round.

We've completed the first 5 alphabets! Haha not intentional though.

So glad I had the foresight to take leave today.

Spent the morning playing with the boss and she's now down for a nap.

It's been one whirlwind of a Chinese New Year.
We were involved in a staged car accident, and I really cannot fathom how evil some people are, to deliberately cause an accident for personal gain.
Things could have gone so horribly wrong. I shudder to think of what might have happened.
Did he know we had a baby in the car? Did he go ahead with the plan despite knowing?

We are making a police report and even if the arms of justice do not get him this time, I hope it eventually would. Either that, or some form of karma, you blond stinker asshole of a scumbag.

Looking on the positive side, we are safe. We have a helper who actually reached out to shield Clarissa when our car knocked into the one in front of us. We are glad we continued putting the little one in the rear-facing car seat.

I didn't write much during CNY because we were completely knackered everyday, even sans the accident that happened on Day 1 while we were on our way home after a long day at the in-laws'.

That really soured the mood for the rest of the day.
I hope it means 破贒梈灾, and we can move on to better things ahead of us.

Ok let's start with something frivolous, like:

CNY #Clarissaootd


Top: adidas original
Bottom: h&m
Hair tie: joy, from auntie #4
Leg in the background: auntie #5 πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

CNY Day 1 – Morning

Romper: Taiwan, gift from xiaogu
Shoes: My little lamb
Hair tie: joy, from auntie #4

Do-re-mi famfie.

Mummy's top: Mu
Daddy's top: Lacoste

Ok one more.

Mandarin oranges: Model's own
Hairy arms: Daddy's

The mandarin oranges were too heavy for her to hold so she couldn't pose properly with them lol.

CNY Day 1 – Evening

Top and Skirt: fox kids
Hair tie: Gift from auntie #1
Messy background: My parents' πŸ˜…

Little banker. πŸ˜… #assholeparent

She wanted to play with the coins but didn't dare to take them directly on her own so she took my hand instead and placed it over the coins. πŸ˜‚

CNY Day 2 – Pontian

Top: adidas original
Bottom: Uniqlo
Hair tie: Mommy's
At the back: Daddy, in twinning tshirt
Random bolster: Cousin's

Changed pants halfway coz she made a mess with her porridge.

Shorts: cotton on kids

She was having fun in the yard, showing us her moves.
This used to be where the hubs' late maternal grandmother lived. We gather here every CNY Day 2 to pay respects to her and spend time with the hubs' relatives from his mom's side.
It's nice seeing how close-knitted the family is, and I think Clarissa gets the good vibes.

Yesterday was the first time I saw her smiling voluntarily at the aunties and uncles, even though she wasn't familiar with them (only met them once when she was younger).

Granted, she still frowned quite a lot, but she would also smile and then hide her face shyly in my shoulders lol.

She even teased her Grandpa. Said a pretty loud HI! to him when he entered the room and smiled at him. Cried when he carried her and when I took her back, she turned and waved her hand at him fhl. πŸ˜…

She was quite a trooper too, considering the fact that we were in the car for nearly four hours on our way back.
We were stuck at the immigration in Malaysia for two hours. She slept for about an hour and we kept each other entertained the rest of the time.
She was a little whiny and grumpy towards the end of the car ride but it wasn't too stressful for us to manage.

This was her Daddy calling her name and touching her head.

She would always give a knowing smile and grab his fingers. 😊

And then laugh like this.

"Daddy, please don't mess up my hair."

We will ask her, "Where's Daddy?" And she'll turn around and try to look at Daddy.

Yesterday she did this, all on her own. πŸ˜…


Cheeky girl!

Funny #CNYconversations

Surprisingly, no one asked me about, or demanded us to have, number 2.

Only my mom. Who didn't ask, but said, "εΏ«η‚Ή, δ»ŠεΉ΄η”ŸδΈ€εͺ猴子!" πŸ˜…
("Quick, have a monkey this year!")

Erm, how about no? Human baby instead? πŸ˜‚

But from a distance, on different occasions, I overheard people asking or commenting about number 2 to the hubs.

I conclude that the hubs is friendlier.

And then there was this random auntie who came into the room where I was trying to feed Clarissa porridge to give an angbao to Clarissa.

πŸ‘΅: Hello baby!
πŸ‘©: Clarissa, say hello!
πŸ‘Ά: (Starts blankly at πŸ‘΅)
πŸ‘΅: Say gongxi gongxi!
πŸ‘Ά: (Frowns at πŸ‘΅)
πŸ‘©: (Laughs a little too loudly to cover up) Sorry she's very shy!
πŸ‘΅: It's ok! Angbao for you! (Hands angbao to πŸ‘Ά)
πŸ‘Ά: (Takes angbao without hesitation.. and without smiling)
πŸ‘΅: She's very dark and tanned huh?

πŸ‘©: (Caught by surprise) Oh is it?
πŸ‘΅: Yah she's very tanned. I thought usually babies are very fair one.
πŸ‘©: Hahahaha! Oh must be because we just came back from Bali. Maybe she got her tan there.
πŸ‘΅: Ah, must be.

I told the hubs about the conversation later on and felt amused.
What if I'm the sort of mommy who seeks perfect, white skin for my baby?
I'd be so hurt! πŸ˜‚

The most classic comment came from my FIL:


("I can tell she's very naughty by looking at her teeth!")

That was after she cried very loudly after refusing to let her Grandpa carry her.

I didn't know that the teeth is a tell-tale sign for naughty babies. πŸ˜…

εˆδΈ€2015 vs. εˆδΈ€2016

The hubs and I look about the same.

Same expression, same hair, with a more amused baby. πŸ˜…

Same face lol.

While this little one has turned from little miss chubby chubbs to little miss cheeky cheeks. 😁