Clarissa and “Go out!”

What happens almost every weekday night. 😊

Girl sees Daddy holding shoes.
Shoes = Go out
Go out = Must wear shoes
Wear shoes = Sit on sofa to let Daddy put on shoes
Sit on sofa = Need to climb up the sofa

She was so cute and funny last night, when she almost ran to the sofa the minute her Daddy took her shoes from the cabinet and announced, "Clarissa, let's go out!"
She pulled herself up to sit on the sofa and even adjusted her position to the edge so that Daddy can put on shoes for her.

Didn't manage to take a video last night so here's the one for tonight.
Not as funny but same gist; she was distracted by a TV commercial. 😅

Watching TV while Daddy helped her with the shoes. 😅

Sometimes she'd be so eager, she'd try to put on the shoe on the other side.

Like this. 😊