Some Saturday mornings, we'd go to the coffee shop in the adjacent block for breakfast, and we'd bring this little one along.

This is how eager and happy she looks, simply from walking on her own.

On our way home, she imitated her Daddy by walking with her hands on her butt.

We laughed, so she started walking properly again with her hands in front of her. 😅

The girl who shuns the sun. 😅

She walked directly into the sun rays and immediately went back into the shades.

We are just chilling at home today, taking a break from CNY and everything else in general.

Mommy duties continue, of course.
And she wouldn't let me out of her sight today.
Everywhere she goes, she must either hold my hand or have me right in front of her.

We thought she'd want to sit in the laundry basket again today, after our helper finished folding the laundry.

But no, she didn't want to.

Instead, she preferred to put duckie in it and push it around, like how we'd push her.
Not with her head sticking out like the poor duck, of course.

Ah, simple pleasures.
Anything can be a toy.