Valentine’s Day




This girl was very happy to go out, even though we didn't go anywhere fancy.

Lunch meet-up with my university friends!

So glad we managed to pull this off.
The 5 of us haven't met up properly since a very long time ago; only bumped into one another occasionally, since we all stay in the east.

And this little one finished ALL her biscuits, got restless and wanted to get out of the baby chair to admire her own reflection. 😅

So we had to leave to do a quick supermarket run before getting home to feed her, and couldn't properly catch up with the last to arrive.

One thing nice about meeting old friends, and old friends with kids. We totally understand, no judging.

Ah, I miss them. The chatter and friendly banter, our crazy pig-out and bridge-out (i.e. playing bridge through the night) sessions during the hostel-living days.

Those were the days.

Let's hope we make this a more regular occurrence!

About Vday

A few nights ago..

👦: Dear did you get any present for Vday?
💁: Nope.
👦: Really?
💁: Yah really. I didn't buy.
👦: Really hor?
💁: Yes, really. Where got time?
👦: Ok, good.


Yeah, that was it.

Last year I got him two shirts, because Vday happened before CNY, and he gave me time-off to go shopping.

This year I also got him two shirts for CNY so erm, considered Vday present?
He gave me face, accompanied me to my university mates' gathering.

See, I'm very chin cai one.

Afterall, Piggy's already 12 years young! 🐷🐽

So, we finished dinner and sat on the sofa watching TV while the little one walked around the coffee table in front of us.
For some reason she got a little whiny and restless, and even rested her head on the table, looking at us wistfully.

"What's wrong, Clarissa?" I asked her.

At this juncture, Daddy had a light bulb moment, stood up and walked over to the shoe cabinet.

"Want to go out?" He asked her.

Immediately her face lit up, and she proceeded to grab one of her shoes before attempting to climb up the sofa.

Happily waved me goodbye once she stepped out of the house.

So, no such thing as going downstairs only on weekday nights. Weekends also apply huh? 😅