My fair lady

We got home slightly later tonight, because I went to the gym after work, and the hubs and I decided last night to go for a quick dinner this evening at the sushi tei near his office.
It's been a while since we had dinner there.

Anyway the hubs brought the little boss out for their usual walk around the void deck once we reached home.

After which we simply spent time with her in our room, singing songs and doing silly things like squeezing our faces and pinching our noses.

Basically I'd circle my hands around her while singing to the tune of "My fair lady", dragging out the "fair" note before ending with a light pinch on her nose after "lady".

She loved it, caught on and did it on her Daddy. 😅

She was chuckling so happily, and kept putting my hand on her Daddy's face to get me to pinch his nose / squeeze his face over and over again.

And she kept trying to do somersaults! She'd bend over, place her head on the bed and I'd help her flip over.

As soon as she completed one flip, she'd be up again, bending over and ready for another flip.
She did it for five consecutive times before her Daddy and I decided it was enough for the night. 😅

Hubs emo and posted this on facebook lol.

The weekday night walks are tiring after a long day at work, but I guess it's a treat for our outgoing (in our terms it means "loves going out") little boss and a good bonding time for father and daughter.

We would laugh whenever the hubs recount their little outings, like how Clarissa loves taking the lift and would bob up and down excitedly, and look up at Daddy with a mischievous grin as the lift descends.

Or how she now understands Daddy's stern warning about having to hold his hand (otherwise they'd go home immediately), yet still proceeds to walk ahead of him once they get out of the lift – raising and stretching one hand slightly backwards while rapidly and repeatedly opening and closing her fingers.

I guess this is little miss bossypants' way of telling Daddy, "How about you come and hold my hand instead? 来来来, hold my hand please." 😅

I forgot to post this the other day!

Now she even has her own sound track for "moving the duck in a laundry basket". 😁

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