Me time lunch time.

1. The kopi-o kosong tastes better than the meesiam
2. I am still hungry fml

My mom dropped by our place this morning, and sent us a series of pictures of Clarissa in a new princess-y lace-y layer-y dress she bought for her.

She wanted to go out with Grandma and so here she was waving our helper goodbye. 😅

Lol honey what kind of expression is this! 😅!

Said Clarissa when she tried to feed me fake ice cream and Singa. 😅

Just like the way we'd say it when we cajole her to eat.


She remembers our game last night!

When I asked her to squeeze my face, she placed both hands on my cheeks and tried her best to exert strength on it.
But it felt like she was just touching my face so I topped it up by looking really squashed up with my lips pouty and all.
She laughed so heartily it was fun to watch.

She really squeezed up her own cheeks though, when I asked her to "Squeeze your face!" 😅

And then I asked her to pinch my nose, followed by her own nose, and she did it expertly.

Totally enjoying play time with her. 😁