WFH day | Playground!

Our cheeky little boss having a snack, because she pointed at her biscuits. 😁

She would feed herself and say "aaarrmm!" 😍

I didn't want to eat the biscuit but she insisted. 😅

I haven't been working from home for nearly a month now!

My discovery for today is that the little boss can get quite chatty, babbling all sorts of things to our helper, in her very cute voice. #oldwongsellsmelon

"What cheeky thing should I do next?"

Love this picture of her taken by my sis when we brought her to the park this evening.

The mix of delight and mischief, and looking like she's up to no good.

She stared at the big, fat, red ants crawling along the pavement for a long time.

We let her lead us to the playground, and she would pause after every few steps, pointing out the trees to us, saying hi to fellow toddlers along the way, staring at birds hopping on grass..

We got to a landing that had some fallen leaves, and a number of small black ants crawling around. She looked up at me, apprehensive.

"It's ok," I tried directing her to move forward yet slightly away from the ants.

But she continued standing there staring at the ants, her feet stiffened and rooted to the ground.
She looked up at me again, hesitating.

"It's alright." I said to her.

And then, she turned around to walk the other path to the playground, avoiding the ants altogether.

Was she afraid of hurting the ants?

I wonder.

Cautious baby checking if Mommy was watching her take the slide. 😅

She sat there, for the longest time, watching the bigger kids go down the slide, before she was ok to give it a shot.

Even so, her hands held on to the sides so tightly, she inched and squeaked her way down instead of sliding. 😅

Cautious baby is cautious.

And then it was time to go home.

She whined a little in protest but didn't fuss at all as we walked home with her in my arms.

I bathed and changed her while our helper prepared dinner.

Dinner time!

I asked our helper to prepare a small amount of rice in a bowl to let her practise eating with a spoon, while she fed her the actual dinner.

She was able to bring the spoon to her mouth, but by the time it got there, there was no more rice left on the spoon. 😅

"Want some, Mommy?"

We clearly need more practice, don't we?