The amazing thing

Was not how I fell asleep with all the lights still on, but how I slept for 7 hours straight and woke up on my own (I didn't even get to set the alarm clock) at 610am Singapore time.

I feel like I can sleep for another 8 hours but I'm here to work, so..

I have a slightly swollen left eye though. Hope it doesn't get worse.

Finally, a Skype session where we actually interacted lol. Not crying or ignoring me.

She smiled, waved, gave me her flying kisses, saranghaeyos, and tried to pinch and squeeze the screen when I asked her to pinch my nose and squeeze my face.

She kept snatching the phone away from her Daddy, putting it on her ear and talking gibberish to me. 😍

It's a wrap!

20:30 Japan time.
I'm in the airport limousine bus now, on my way to catch yet another red eye flight.

I should be able to see the hubs before he goes to work, and hopefully spend some time with the bubs before I leave for the airport again.

I haven't packed for the next trip! And I have back to back meetings from 930am to 3pm fml.

So much to do, so little time.

This new assignment has been exciting and eye-opening so far.
I'm taking my boss' advice to "focus on learning" so I keep the stress level under control.
The job title is a heavy responsibility, and I do worry about not performing up to expectations.
At this stage, I'm telling myself that I'm still finding out what the expectations are. And I need to remain calm and patient as I do that.

I'm already seeing the difference between working with people I respect and look up to, as compared to that with people I don't.

It's just more positive and uplifting, and it matters, at least to me.

Though I do hope that the traveling would slow down after the initial few months.

So-so late dinner before boarding.

Sneaked in a Skype session in the lounge. 😁

Can't wait to go home!

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