12-hour transit

The little boss asked for biscuits, and of course she gets the biscuits. 😁

And insisted that I have some too. 😅

I got home slightly before 6am this morning and she was up for her morning feed.

She looked so sleepy and so cute.
I carried her and asked her, "Where's Mommy?"
She smiled and reached out to pinch my nose. 😍

And then she went on to drink her milk and we both went to zzz. 😄

Hahaha #siaomommy wefie with baby.

On the way to the airport now.

In spite of sleep deprivation, I'm so glad I did this 12 hours stopover at home.

Spent the day working but managed to spend some time with her, both before and after her nap.

After lunch, she led me into our room and pointed at our bed. I lifted her up onto our bed and she immediately made her way to her favorite spot in between our pillows.

She was holding on to her little container of star-shaped biscuits, which she adamantly placed in my hand and pointed to the cap like a boss.

I opened the cap and poured one little star onto my palm. She took it, and offered it to me.

"It's ok, Clarissa. You can have it."

She smiled shyly, as if to say "Are you sure, Mommy?", before happily popping the biscuit into her mouth.

This happened for about 15 times. 😅

She looked genuinely happy, standing and bouncing on the bed after each biscuit, at times attempting to do somersaults.

I laughed and warned her to sit properly to finish her biscuits first before she does her stunts.

And then I broke the news to her, very gently and slowly.

"Clarissa, mommy's going to the airport again later tonight. I'm sorry I have to work. I'll be back on Friday. I'll see you on 'video' ok?"

She looked at me, wide-eyed and sweet, before breaking out in a giggle and leaning her head backwards onto the pillows behind her.

I'm not sure if she understood me, but after her nap she kept following me around as I packed. She even attempted to pack her wet wipes into my luggage! 😅

I wanted to take a shower before leaving for the airport but she cried when I tried to leave her room.

She pointed at her favourite storybook so I guessed she wanted me to read her the story.

So I did and it was one of few times she patiently let me finish reading the entire book.

And then it was time for me to leave, and it was hard.

Our helper had to pry her away from me as she cried. But as I stepped out and locked the gate, she saw the keys, took them and calmed down.

That was quick, honey. 😅

She started playing with the keys and attempted to open the lock lol.

All was good. She waved me goodbye and gave me a flying kiss + saranghaeyo.

Skyped with the hubs and bubs after boarding the plane! 😘😘

Now it feels like a looooonng way to go before TGIFriday. 😩

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