At the clinic this morning waiting to see the pd.

We decided to take her to the doc to get her checked and also for the meds, just in case she doesn't get better by tomorrow and we'd be stuck trying to find a clinic that's open.

She has a runny nose and is coughing due to the phlegm in her throat, but is still pretty cheeky otherwise.

Last night she shocked us (and herself) when she rolled off our bed.

It was 1am and we were all sleeping quite soundly. I felt her moving but didn't realise she was already near the foot of our bed.

The next thing I knew, she'd rolled off the bed with a loud thud.

We both jumped up; she wailed.

She landed on the thick rug at the foot of our bed, on her tummy. So fortunately she didn't hurt her head or anything.

I tried to hug her to sleep, thinking she might need some comfort, but she calmed down and rolled away to sleep on her own very quickly.

And then I kept waking up every other hour to check her position.. until she finally woke up at 630am.

We all went back to sleep after she had her milk. 😁

I've been away for a week and I'm surprised by the difference a week makes.

I've realised that she knows how and when to lift her leg, one at a time, when I put on her pants for her while she's standing.

She knows even more body parts now, and would point out where hers is before pointing out where mine is. "Forehead" is the new word, and she'd place one palm on her forehead before placing one palm on mine, like she's checking for fever. 😅

She definitely knows which button in the lift to press when we say we are going home!

Tried it just now and she carefully placed her fingers around that button before using her thumb to press as hard as she could.

So clever, she knows she doesn't have enough strength to light up the button when she uses her index finger.

We praised her and she gave us her signature "I look shy but I'm actually just cheeky" smile. 😁

Left the house while the little one took a nap, to visit my FIL in hospital.

He's alright in general, so that's good.

I told him about Clarissa's newly acquired skill of pressing the right button in the lift to get to our floor.
He smiled a little and said that the little one is bad tempered, but "might" be "a little" clever. 😂

We stayed and chatted a bit before leaving the hospital.

And the hubs suggested a short cafe date so here we are. 😊

Tiong bahru bakery was overcrowded so we came over to the cafe just beside it.

The Orange Thimble.

Love the quaint setup.

It's been a while since we explored a new cafe, something we used to do a lot before we had Clarissa.

Very good "us"-time today, thanks to the hubs. 😊

Anyway I was updating him about one of the Dayre moms I've been following. Her daughter is a day older than Clarissa, and she recently wrote about her second pregnancy.

We have talked about having the second one, and agreed on the timing so I've started mentally preparing myself.

I need a lot of mental preparation, because it took me nearly four years to feel just somewhat ready for a baby, so I need to start early. 😅

We were talking about names and we don't really have a preference since the best we have in mind is already taken and given to our little boss.

Then the hubs said, "If we have a boy, let's call him Gotham."
I made a face and asked him, "Why?"
He said, " So every night if he cries, you can tell me: 'Gotham needs you'."

Lol Batman meh? 😂

These are the cards she picked up correctly when we asked her to, on top of the 13 cards I posted on Day 41 (10 Feb). 😀

Our helper says she knows at least 80% of all the cards in the stack. That's like 80% * 26 * 2 words!
(Each alphabet comes with 2 words.)

Hahaha this sticker is so apt!

I was sitting on the bed with Clarissa, reading to her when I noticed her staring at the wall where the air conditioner is.

I looked up and saw a lizard, sprawling right next to the air conditioner.

"That's a lizard," I told her gently, thinking it was a good opportunity to teach her something new.

Suddenly, the lizard moved, slightly away from the air conditioner.

Clarissa let out a tiny squeak and immediately turned around to hug me like a koala bear.

I swear, I sounded absolutely neutral when I told her it was a lizard.
My tone was flat and there was no element of fear or disgust, even though I'm afraid of lizards. 😅

So this girl kept staring at the wall, squeaking and hugging me each time the lizard moved.

Yet she kept looking out for it, and whenever it disappeared to the top of the air conditioner and out of sight, she would flip both her hands and ask me, "Beh?" (Where?)

I told her, "The lizard is hiding on top of the aircon."

And she would raise her voice and do the same hand signal, and ask, "Beh?! Beh?", looking absolutely puzzled. 😅

Until the lizard appeared beside the air conditioner again. She'd again squeak and hug me tightly.

We carried on with this little game until Daddy came along, caught hold of the lizard and placed it elsewhere. 😂

This makes me wonder, where do kids learn fear from?