Little miss crankypants


I think that was when I finally fell asleep.

Might be the mocha at 4pm the day before.


Woke up for no reason.

Took a while to fall asleep again fml.


I heard a cry from Clarissa's room, but went back to snooze because I thought she was just getting her milk.


Heard a loud knock on our door.

Jumped up to open the door.

It was Clarissa knocking, with our helper carrying her.

She let her knock because she wanted to check if we wanted to give Clarissa her meds.

She had a low grade fever.
38.1 Degree-Celsius.

The hubs and I immediately jumped into action.

First, a fever patch. Which the hubs almost had to wrestle with Clarissa to get it stuck on her forehead.

Oh boy, she got so angry and upset she was wailing the entire block down.

It suddenly dawned on me (haha pun, pun) that it wasn't quite dawn yet.

I thought it was already 645am but it was in fact just 545am.

Then, we tried to give her medicine for her runny nose, fever and cough.
Which she rejected, vehemently, tears, snot and lots of screaming.

I tried to let her calm down but each time she seemed to have calmed down, she would cry again when we tried to bring the spoon of meds near her mouth and she would slap the spoon away.

We successfully managed to give her one of the meds.
Not without a bit of force and lots of crying.

I told the hubs that perhaps we shouldn't force her, since she just had her milk and we'd risk her coughing and throwing everything up.

So we tried to wait and give her some space but she outrightly refused to give us and the meds a chance.

That left us with little choice but to hold her down while the hubs gave her the meds in a syringe.

She cried murder, clung onto me for her dear life, coughed, choked and then threw up everything on herself and on me.

I was nearly gagging but managed to swallow it back. πŸ˜…

Both the hubs and helper said it was good she puked because all the phlegm got purged.

But erm.. look who's covered in expired milk curd? πŸ˜‚

Got her changed before I took a shower and changed myself.

After the drama, we all went back to sleep, until..


I felt myself sinking into deep sleep when the hubs suddenly exclaimed, "She's up!"

Groggy, I checked the cctv and found that she was still sleeping.


She was definitely up and so were we.

Our helper was preparing to give her prune puree and we had an emergency meeting to decide if we should give her meds again.

She threw everything up so I guessed there was really nothing in her body to combat the symptoms.

Meds, it was.

The hubs ingeniously poured one of the meds into a small plastic cup and pretended to drink from it.

That caught her interest (she loves drinking from cups and bottles) and she actually drank up.

We tried the same trick with the second med but she'd already realised it wasn't a "normal" drink so she refused to take it.

We ended up giving her meds in a spoon interchangeably with the prune puree, and she actually took all the meds without further drama.

Though she rejected the remaining half of the prune puree. And refused to drink milk too, after what might have been 15 attempts.


Clarissa is finally taking her second nap of the day.

Oh my god, her theme song for today is 原ζ₯δ½ δ»€δΉˆιƒ½δΈζƒ³θ¦~~ πŸ˜‚

The tiniest thing could set her off, anywhere between minor whining to major wailing.

I managed to make her sleep for slightly more than an hour in the morning, after a few cranky episodes.

And then she woke up at 12pm, crying. Finished her lunch, which was a good thing.

Followed by many more cranky episodes of varying intensity.

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh at this new little miss crankypants.

At one point she wanted me to scroll through her pictures on my phone, so I obliged. But then she also wanted to look at her pictures (my guess) with the tablet.

Now, the tablet doesn't have any pictures so I let her watch her (usual) favourite music videos.

So the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, but never quite reached the destination because little miss crankypants kept dragging my finger to the screen to stop it.

I did, and switched to another song but she'd drag my finger to the screen again after less than 10 seconds.

I figured she wanted to look at pictures instead so I said, ok there are no pictures here so why don't I take a few?

So despite her whining and grumbling, I took three random pictures of her and started scrolling through for her.

She wailed. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hahahaha if only she could talk and let me know what she really wanted!
I've always thought we communicate and understand each other fairly well, but today is just not our day.

So in the middle of her wailing through snot and tears, I said, ok let's go out for a walk.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the magic words.

Go out

She stopped crying almost immediately, and crawled towards me.

I took her to the void deck, and she kept wanting to lead me to the park.
I didn't let her, of course, but instead I brought her to the playground just beside the void deck.

Back breaking business.

And then we were rolling up our sleeves, about to wrestle her down to drink her milk when the hubs came home with waffles.

Her eyes lit up when she saw the waffles (she loves waffles).

So yeah, what little miss crankypants wants, little miss crankypants gets.

We fed her waffles while giving her "water" (which was in fact medicine) in between.

This was her second milk strike for today but we told ourselves: Waffles are made of milk powder! It's true! So it's ok! πŸ˜…

I'm just glad she took her meds and ate something.

The funny discovery for today is that she remembers the lizard from yesterday! πŸ˜‚

She'd stare and point at the wall, and ask me, "Beh?!"
I'd say, "Oh where's the lizard?"
She'd repeat some gibberish that sounded like "lizard", and ask me again, "Beh?", looking worried.
I'd tell her, "Daddy caught the lizard already, remember?"
She'd nod and say some gibberish, "Baba abracadabrah!"

The same scene happened several times, but finally when I asked her where the lizard was, she replied, "Baba!"

Hahaha how to not love her, crankypants or smartypants or not.