16 months

Happy 16 months young, on a leap day!

Earlier this morning, with Daddy.

I carried her as she waved goodbye to Daddy.
Asked her to give Daddy a kiss, and she shyly pouted her lips and tried to kiss him through the gate before he left for work.

I'm glad I took my off-in-lieu today to spend time with her and also to catch up on some sleep!

She's feeling better today, though her morning nap was rudely interrupted by her uncontrollable coughing.

She now knows how the thermometer is used, and would put it very precisely into her ear, and mine too, one side at a time.
She refers to the thermometer as "ter ter".
I told our helper about it, and she went, "Oh I didn't know what she was saying this morning! She kept saying turtle but I don't know mah."

That is the routine these past few days. After her first feed, our helper would take her temperature, one ear at a time.

So she was probably asking for the "ter ter" this morning to take her temperature. 😅

She now knows how to properly hug and kiss.

She kisses her toys very willingly. With human beings it depends on her mood, and she immediately hides her face shyly after that. 😅

She is a very good hugger lol.
She also understands when I ask her to "hug tightly", and would lock her arms more tightly around me.

She can say more random words now.
"Zerd" for lizard, "Ahh ko" for aircon, "Beh" or "Weh" for where.

My favourite is the word "heart".
Yesterday she was wearing a tshirt with a big heart shape on it.
She pointed at it and said to me, "Har!"

Later on, I realised that she wasn't just referring to the heart on her tshirt.
She was in fact pointing to her heart, because she did the same thing wearing a plain tshirt.


This girl knows where her heart is. ❤

It is also very fun, watching her play.
See how cheeky she looks here!

This is one of her favorite toys, Lion friend.

She'd drag/pull it out of her room..

Before pushing it back in, running and laughing.

And then, dance to the music.

This is actually meant to be a walker for toddlers to push around, but it can get quite difficult to make a u-turn while pushing it.

So this little girl's way of dragging it out before pushing it is actually more convenient. 😁

She also loves it because there's a mirror. 😅

She's quite a little helper too.
She always points out the drops of water or baby powder on her bedroom floor, and I would ask her to take a piece of tissue paper to wipe it up.

She'd pause to take my hand, walk us out to the living room to get tissue paper, walk back in, before squatting down to wipe the floor with the tissue paper.

I'd ask her to throw the tissue paper into the dustbin and she'd pause in front of the dustbin and the pail (that holds her dirty laundry) before carefully dropping the tissue paper into the bin.

We'd praise her, "Well done! Thank you for helping to clean the floor!"

And she'd beam happily, patting her own tummy.

I love how the tip of her head fits exactly underneath my chin when she sits on my lap, quietly yet intently watching me scroll through pictures of her on my phone, or listening as I read to her.

I love how she sometimes shrieks in delight when she sees something she remembers and turns to look up at me, smiling; as if she's saying, "Look, ma! This is so cool!"

I also love it when she sticks to me like a magnet or clings onto me like a koala bear.

I can even go hands-free because she clings on so tightly, arms around my neck, legs hooked around my waist.

Sometimes I can't help but feel sentimental about it.

Because before we know it, she would grow taller and would no longer fit so snugly underneath my chin.

Before we know it, she'd be running off to pursue her own dreams and life, and would no longer want to cling onto me.

So I cherish all the moments, funny or exasperating, happy or exhausting.

All sweet, all good.