Squeaky new shoes! | Dabao Kopi!

So my mom dropped by this morning with the new squeaky shoes she bought for Clarissa, and took a video of course.

Someone loves the shoes and keeps walking around the house in them. 😅

In other news, I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow.

I had 2 days of offsite meetings, and so last night I had to do night shift. Worked from 9pm to 1am.

Rinse, repeat today.

Meeting ended at 4pm, and I called in for another one, and finally finished at 5pm. Got home, sent out a couple of urgent emails, got quite upset with the company's business trips booking system. They cancelled my tickets wtf!

It's so silly. Why do I have to reply a "please issue ticket" when I already booked it?

If I meant to cancel it I would have indicated my intention?

Now I have to take some random airline which I have no idea about and no inclination towards.

Kopi, Teh or Me?

My colleagues were sharing with me, over lunch, how it took them a while to understand how to order drinks in Singapore.

They still don't fully comprehend the menu:

Teh / Kopi = Tea / Coffee with condensed milk, evaporated milk and sugar
Teh-beng / Kopi-beng = All of the above, with ice
Teh-si = Tea with evaporated milk and sugar
Teh-si Siew Dai = The above but less sugar
Teh-O Kosong = Black tea with no sugar

Basically the less you want in your drink, the longer the name for it. 😂


They went on to talk about the concept of "dabao".

One of them had the experience of having a waiter ask him, "Do you want to parcel the food?"
And he thought, Why are they sending the food to the post office? 😂😂

Another colleague said that for the longest time, she thought "dabao" meant fruit juice.
It was because she used to pass by a fruit juice stall quite often and the stall owner would always be shouting, "Dabao! Dabao!"
She thought the stall owner was trying to push her fruit juice.

So sometimes after lunch, she'd ask her companion, "Shall we get some dabao?" 😂😂😂

I also shared with them how "dabao" in university meant failing your modules and packing it up to bring to the following semester.

They thought it was really funny.

It's funny how people talk about Singaporeans' xenophobia, or might be xenophobic, but there I was, feeling comfortable with a group of foreign talent so keen and so enthusiastic to learn about the quirks of Singapore.

Some of them even know Singapore better than I do!