Of ice cream and kisses

Ice cream, anyone?

Clarissa made these!
She's getting quite good with the duplo set now.

She'd piece them together, say "Ahhmm!" and then pretend to eat them. And then she'd walk to me, put the ice cream near my mouth, say "Ahhmm!" and make sure I "eat" it too. Same goes for Daddy.

Very very blurred picture, but this was her zooming in and out of her room trying to give her Daddy ice cream, and then Mommy. And then Daddy again. 😁

Imma a legit ice cream maker ok?


I wish I have this on video but as with most precious moments, they usually happen when you least expect them.

So I'd have it in words.

This morning, we were in bed with Clarissa. Both of us were lazing around while she was busy tapping on our arms to ensure we don't go back to sleep.

She likes Piggy (who sleeps on our bed) a lot, and would always give him a hug, followed by a kiss on his nose, and she'd hold Piggy in front of me, say "Mmm!" so I, too, have to kiss him.

She'd then hold him in front of Daddy to do the same. Once Daddy kisses Piggy, she'd take him back and kiss and hug him again.

She did the same this morning, before I asked her, "Kiss Daddy!"

I mentioned before that she doesn't really like kissing us, and it usually depends on her mood.

But this morning, she leaned towards Daddy, pouting her lips slightly, said "Mmmmm.." in her really sweet voice and gave Daddy a kiss!

Well, an almost kiss, because she turned her head before her lips actually touched Daddy's face.

It was funny because she was all sweet and enthusiastic with the "Mmmmm.." but decided she was too shy to actually plant the kiss.

She did the same to me too lol.

We consider it a kiss anyway anyhow, because it's uniquely Clarissa. 😁

And then Daddy asked for another kiss but this time she pulled me forward and made me kiss him instead! Hahahaha.

Love is taking your daughter out for a walk so your wife can take a nap.

I went to see the doctor again for my recurring scratchy throat and cough.

Took meds over lunch and then came home to feed Clarissa hers.

Played with her after lunch before we ended up on our bed again, scrolling through my phone of pictures.

Then the medication really kicked in. My eyes, head and body felt so heavy I really felt like I was dozing off.

So I asked the hubs, who was in the study room, to play with her instead.

He came into our room, sat down on the bed and said, "Ok, you sleep. Maybe I bring her downstairs for a walk."

He turned to Clarissa, who was super engrossed in the phone, and asked her, "You want to go out?"

Clarissa looked at me, looked at the phone, and looked at her Daddy.
Suddenly the words clicked.

Go out!

She immediately turned towards her Daddy with a big smile, and then wriggled her way down the bed, completely forgetting about the phone.

She waited impatiently by the bed while Daddy threw on a tshirt. And then she said a whole string of gibberish, which I translated as "Come on Daddy let's go out! Go out!"

I put on her shoes for her, and off they went.

I dozed off for real.

Heard them when they got back and Daddy was very animatedly telling Clarissa to do something / not to do something.

But I continued snoozing for a bit until the heaviness wore off.

Ah, nice.

Hide and seek with Daddy!

She was having so much fun so I tried filming them.

But alas, NG. 😂
She tripped and fell.
But she was ok, didn't cry at all. Picked herself up and continued playing.

Round 3! After finding Daddy in the study room.

I love how she asks herself "Where?" while trying to find her Daddy.

Hahaha she couldn't see Daddy and wanted to look elsewhere. 😂

He really cracked me up, when I realised where he was hiding.

The reveal hahahaha #siaoparents.