Dream sleep

Good morning wefie!

The little one slept so well last night!

She fell asleep within ten minutes of me turning off the lights and humming the bedtime tune.

I read somewhere that it's best to use the same song or tune for bed time so babies can quickly associate it to sleep. So I picked up the same tune our helper hums to her and have been humming it whenever I'm trying to make her sleep.

And this girl would actually whine in protest if I hum the tune when she doesn't want to sleep!
She would make me stop humming! 😂

But last night she didn't protest at all. She had a bolster in one hand and she kept pinching my nose with her other hand until she dozed off.

I fell asleep too, but woke up at 330am. Realised that the hubs wasn't in bed with us. He'd fallen asleep on the couch in the living room while watching soccer. 😅

I woke him up, shifted the bubs back to the spot between us (she was sleeping horizontally across the hubs' spot), got him to sleep on our bed.

And then I couldn't fall asleep! 😩

Spent the next few hours trying to sleep, kicking the hubs whenever I felt Clarissa jolting to Daddy's sudden snoring, and hugging the little one whenever she rolled into my arms.

I eventually dozed off feeling semi conscious most of the time.

Woke up to a little someone shoving Piggy into my face insisting that I kiss him. 😅



She looked so happy and content just hugging Piggy and then trying to scoop Minion 1, Minion 2 and Minion 3 into one big hug while we continued to laze in bed.

I could get used to this. :)