Twinkle, twinkle

Before bedtime.
She made me sing twinkle twinkle little star over and over again.

I'd initially meant to sing it once, but she kept doing the open and close, open and close gesture with her fingers, her way of telling me to keep on singing the same song.

So I did.

I'd be leaving for the airport before 6am tomorrow morning so I'm not sure if I'd see her before I leave the house.

I'm going to miss her for sure and I think she's going to be mad at me for flying off again, short trip or not. 😢

She's so funny today!
We asked her where her neck is, and she did this totally unglamorous rendition of "neck" via craning her neck forward, with her mouth wide open. Deliberately.

None of us taught her that!

She's a comedian, this girl.

I wish I can blink and immediately return home to these two.