Gloomy in GZ

Motivation for today. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

And then the hubs sent me this photo. Even better!

Gloomy in Guangzhou.

View from the study table.

I was wondering why it was so dark even after the curtains were drawn.

Solar eclipse perhaps?

Ok, actually, no.
My reportee said it's because it's raining. πŸ˜‚


I'm doing tummy time in bed now. πŸ˜‚

Full day workshop, done.
Dinner room service, done.

Emails, not done.
Action plan, not done.

Dayre, in progress.

Tomorrow I get to take this airline back to Singapore again.

Even though I'm not the one paying for the air tickets, I still feel angry with the company's travel agent and booking system.

It's a rip off, in flight entertainment or not. πŸ˜…

The flight to Guangzhou was a little bit of an eye opener.

The air steward asking "鸑肉牛肉?" like you owed him five million bucks, the way people immediately jumped into the aisle once the plane stopped moving and refuse to let you pass even after you asked, and the in flight entertainment that was just there but no one really watched.

Seated beside me were two "aunties" who were returning home after a holiday in Singapore.

They asked me about everything and anything under the sun.

Who in the Lee family is next in line to take over Singapore?
(No one. It's decided by the government which is decided by the people.)

How much do diamonds cost in Singapore? How to post it to China?
(It depends on how big and how real. I'd advise not to post it?)

Which is the best university in Singapore? How to get in?
(All three are good. Study hard and her decent enough grades.)

Isn't education free in Singapore?
(No it's not.)

Isn't health care free in Singapore?
(No it's not.)

How old are you?
(How about you guess?)

What work do you do?

How many kids do you have?

One? Why not two?
[δΈ€δΈͺε‘—? δΈΊε•₯δΈη”ŸδΈ€δΈͺ?]

There's no limit to how many children you can have in Singapore right? You can have as many as you want?
(Yes. But don't need to exceed limit either.)

Well I tried my best to answer all their questions. πŸ˜…

And then I walked into my hotel room and thought, wow.

This is like a reward.

Stylish, comfortable, spacious.

It took me a while to find the bathroom and wardrobe though, because they are all hidden behind the sliding doors.

The toilet bowl cover opens automatically when you step into the toilet and closes when you leave. How cool is that! Comes with warming and all the washing and drying functions.

The bathroom is separate from the toilet.

Comes with normal shower, rain shower and a huge bathtub with jacuzzi function and a LCD screen TV in front of it.

They also provide a huge ass bottle of water that comes with a note that says "Drink up!"

Room service is decent too.

Ok, enough of my hotel room tour.

I always take a picture of the room and send it to the hubs whenever I reach the hotel of wherever I travel to. It's my way of telling him, I'm here and I'm safe.

After a while, all the hotel room pictures look similar and I can't tell which city it belongs to.

Heck, sometimes I need a minute after I wake up in the morning just to remember where I am.

This hotel is a bit different from the usual ones and hence worth a mention.

I still want to go home though. πŸ˜…