Of waffles and a delayed flight

Weakness for anything waffle. 😁

Lemon tea that cost a freaking 40RMB (because I wanted the wifi and a place to sit) and Pringles from the hotel room's mini bar (because i felt like it on Tuesday but couldn't/didn't finish it then) while waiting to board the plane.

The weather turned really cold today! It was 25 deg-C on Tuesday but it felt like 10 deg-C today.
Nearly froze my ass off because I was in a tshirt and a not-so thick jacket.

Took so long to get to the airport and get past immigration!

Boarding soon..

Guess what?

Walked all the way to the gate only to find out that the boarding gate had been changed to the one on THE OTHER end.

Thanks ah.

Half ran to the gate and to my amusement, found that we have to take a bus to the plane. Just like how we came.

And of course, flight is delayed by 30 minutes.

Well done, China Southern.