Clarissa walks in a straight line 😁

Brought the little one to the pd again during my (early) lunch break.

She recovered from the previous bout but it came back again earlier this week.

Not too serious, but the pd said she might have a sensitive nose.

Meds for a week. Hope she feels better soon.

Cheeky again after leaving the pd's office.

Someone's been asserting her independence nowadays.

She didn't want to let me hold her hand, which was fine, but she kept walking into the glaring sunlight and then squinting her eyes (and laughing, because somehow she found it funny).

So we gave her a task:

Walk and stay on the white track. 😅

Which she mastered in no time and looked cute while at it. #oldwongsellsmelon

Next Top Model staying on track. 😁

She built this!

This funny girl was having a bit of trouble attaching the duplo bricks the way she wanted, so she made this Eeeeeeeee sound complete with a very exaggerated expression like she was using a lot of strength to finally put them together. 😂

Where did she learn all these from?

Anyway, I sent this to the hubs and he was officially impressed. The only help I gave her was to balance one of the Singas.

She was so funny with the Singa too.

Once she made it stand, she'd point at it and laugh, like it was a joke. 😅

She knows all the 26 ×2 flash cards now! Even those weird ones, like wheelbarrow and yellow.

I would ask her, where's the "xylophone" (or xxx)? And she'd pick up the card and hand it over to me, sometimes without even looking at me, so yaya. 😂

I'm impressed by how she sat through my questioning of 52 cards without attempting to run away.

Sigh, I thought I was away for only three days but she seems to have grown so much.

I'm glad I got to spend time with her today!

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