Clarissa and her human furniture 😅

XX Village Gold Class movie experience. Shiok or what. 😅

Daddy posturepedic. The best mattress in the world.

We were at my in-laws' and she was feeling shy around her aunties. 😅

One year ago, one year later.

Taller but still enjoying her human mattress.

On our way home, she kept making a "hmm hmm" sound and I figured that she wanted to hear the bedtime tune.

She was probably feeling tired after chasing behind the little boy and his toy dog at my in-laws'.

I was right! I hummed the tune and she patted her thighs on her own. Protested when I stopped humming to talk to the hubs. 😅

I asked her to close her eyes and she did this.

Funny little girl. 😁

Cheeky girl kept flipping herself backwards deliberately! Daddy had to catch her quickly. 😅

Caught on video!

She really finds it funny. 😅