Little miss manja


My bedtime's getting "earlier".

This time it's because I have to finish some work, and I started only after Clarissa went to bed at 1030pm.

Trying to unwind and get into sleep mode.

We both managed to get off work early, or rather, on time today.

Got home at 7pm and so we all went out to the supermarket nearby.

She was initially walking on her own but Daddy carried her across the road and asked her to lean on him.

So she did it throughout the grocery shopping trip.. and even as we walked back home.

I think she enjoyed the cushion and the cushion enjoyed the closeness. 😅

We like little miss manja as much as little miss bossypants.

She was still sleeping when we left for work today and yesterday, and woke up looking for Baba and Mama.
According to sis#5 who's having her term break, she even called out "Baba!" while she was sleeping.

I guess she must have missed us while we were at work.

Goofing around while Mommy was took a shower. 😆