Kisses for giraffe friend

Dayre-ing in the dark again.

Tried to make the little one sleep by humming the bedtime tune and patting her, but she just couldn't fall asleep.

So I simply stayed beside her to watch her fall asleep on her own.

And I realised she sleeps like me, with a bolster covering her face. I almost always cover my face with a pillow. πŸ˜…

I ditched an after-work dinner tonight and took a cab home.

Picked up some dinner at the coffee shop while the hubs brought the bubs down to meet me half way.

I saw them from afar, and the little one bending forward trying to make out who the figure waving a hand at her was.

She started running towards me when she realised it was me.
She got to me, took my hand and led me to the mini convenience store.. to get her ζ—Ίζ—Ί mini milk biscuits. 😁

It's become a habit, because her Daddy would almost always buy a pack for her when he brings her down for their walks.

It costs 30 cents for a very small pack that fits nicely in her hands and she would hold on to it happily, at times shaking it in excitement.

After dinner, I wanted to take a video of her clapping along to a birthday song for a dear friend.

But of course she wanted my phone instead to see "Yeh yeh", which now simply means pictures of herself in my phone.

So I negotiated with her, "Sit here and clap ok? I'll let you have the phone later."

She obliged! And sat through the birthday song clapping, but with a "why am I doing this?" look on her face.

She then gave a flying kiss with both hands (I asked her to), smiling really shyly, before lunging forward to grab the phone (well we already finished singing the song).

And I kept to my promise of letting her look at the pictures on my phone.. for the usual 10 minutes.

I asked her to hug the giraffes and she did this.

She was walking around the house with these giraffes and at times making them talk to each other / kiss each other / hug each other.. with her own sound effects.

So funny to watch.

So glad I came home on time for them. 😊