Miss manja eats noodles

On our way to the coffee shop for breakfast.

Her new hairstyle and manja-ness make her look quite chubby.

Gave her some of my noodles, which was soaked in clear soup prior.

She loved it and kept asking for more.

But as usual, she showed us about 18 different ways to eat noodles, her cheeky ways.

So long, how to eat? 😅

At first she wanted to use her hands to stuff the dangling noodles into her mouth, but Daddy said no, don't do that.

She wouldn't let me use the chopsticks either.

So she frowned and thought hard.

I'll do it my way. One centimetre at a time.

I'll have my noodles like a champion.

Was trying to take a video of her talking excitedly to birds but she came over and asked me to "抱抱" (carry her) instead.

Only 2 seconds because I had to stop filming to carry her lol.

Love the new hair tie gifted by sis #4, or, Yiyiyiyi. 😁

I think she has more hair ties that I do! And she likes them so she doesn't pull them off, which is great!

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