Oh Nick! | Wheels on the bus

Over the past few days, I've had more than one friend and sister either sharing pictures and links or tagging me on news reports on The Wedding of Nicky Wu and Cecelia Liu.

In his wedding speech*, he said, "Since I was small, I've been through lot of unfair things and I've complained to God more than once."

"I blamed God for not being good to me, for being unfair to me, for putting me through a lot of strange suffering, for putting me through a lot of unhappy things. Now I understand why."

Because God saved the best for me.

*Source: The Straits Times


My heart melted all over again.

Loved him since his 小虎队 days, only him and not the other two Tigers lol.
As he ventured out to cut his own albums, I supported him by buying all his cassette tapes.

The cassettes tapes cost $6.50, and later on $7.50. There were CD versions too that cost $19.90, which wasn't affordable for me, because I could only buy his albums with the savings from my pocket money.

Regrettably cassette players became obsolete and the cassette tapes became moldy as I grew up and out of the phase of being a fan girl and buying albums.

I should have kept one or two of them for memory's sake but being the practical one, I threw out all of them. 😅

When he stopped releasing albums and started acting in movies, I continued supporting him.

I must have watched《梁祝》and 《花月佳期》at least five times each.
I thought he and Charlie Yeung (his co-star in both movies) were the perfect match.

And then he kind of went into drama serials, and for a long, long time I didn't come into contact with any of his work or performance.

Until 《步步惊心》in 2011/12.
Man, I loved it it so much. Both the drama and the man lol. 😅

I even wrote a review on facebook notes (back in those days when I stopped blogging and there was no Dayre) and on one of my long haul flights back to Singapore, I was pleasantly surprised to see the full drama serial available on Krisworld.

So I watched one episode after another. Even though I have already watched them before.

The last few paragraphs of my "review" still hold true:

所以谢谢你, 让我见识到了这一点。
也谢谢你, 让我的"莫名"变得很实在。

Ok, back to regular work-from-home Ah Soh programming

In other news, this little girl woke up from her nap crying.

It took us some effort to put her onto the high chair because every time I tried she'd whine and cling back onto me.

And then, she flat out refused to eat. She didn't even want to try, simply swatting spoon away.

Any further attempt to cajole or negotiate with her ended in more wailing and tears.

I asked her, "What do you want?"

She pursed her lips together into a sulk, showed me her puppy eyes, and..

Pointed at the door

Of course I said no.
But I will bring her to the playground later if she finishes her lunch.

Negotiation failed.

I guess she must be thinking, wah you asked me what I wanted and I told you, but now you are saying "later"? 😅

So I called her Daddy and put him on speaker. She calmed down after the call but still refused to eat.

The hubs suggested to take her outside the flat and so I did.

But she kept wanting to take the lift lol and refused to go back into the house, until I said:

Wheels on the bus?

She immediately stopped whining, went back into the house, willingly allowed our helper to put her onto the high chair again and flashed her beckoning fingers, as if to say, "来来来, bring those wheels over to me!" 😅

I told her I'd only start playing the video if she took the first spoonful of porridge. She obliged and the deal was on.

Almost immediately she was moving along to the songs while eating. She finished her lunch in 10 minutes.

I let her finish watching the last bits of the song that was playing and kept the tablet away.

She was very understanding about it. 😅 She simply went off to play with other toys.

Sigh, I hope we won't need to engage iNanny too often.

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