Very eager to go to work with Daddy this morning.

Can I can I?

Is that how you say no? With your finger moving like this?

Never mind, I shall be a little, erm, gate dancer instead.

Blurred picture because I'm moving very fast, my dance moves.

Bye bye Daddy and Mommy! I'll see you tonight!

Lol and with that, she simply turned and walked into the house. 😅

Little imp who refused to sit still for me to take a picture. This is the best shot for tonight. 😅

Chilling on our bed after she spent the past hour walking/running around the house.

When I got home this evening, she gave me a flash card and told me to "ahhrmm" (eat) it.

I was like, what, you're asking Mommy to eat a card?

Then she flipped the card around and I realised it was the picture of an ice cream. 🍦😂

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