Left for work this morning without these two.

The hubs is on leave today to take his dad to the hospital and also to take our helper to the clinic. The latter's unplanned.

She was unwell since last night.

We got Clarissa to sleep with us so she could have a good rest.

Clarissa fell asleep around 1030pm last night. She was rolling around so much until I told her firmly that she should be sleeping already.

So she quietened down and rolled over to hug her Daddy's bolster to sleep.

At around 1am, she started rolling and thrashing around to almost every inch of the bed, restless.

She finally dozed off at the foot of the bed, on my foot lol, but woke up crying when Daddy snored suddenly.

I was sure I could make her go back to sleep but the hubs said he would sleep on the couch in the living room instead. 😢

So we all went back to sleep and the little one would suddenly cry out loud every now and then, and I'd pat her before she fell asleep again.

She finally woke up at 7am, just as I got up to go to the bathroom.

Little miss sleepyhead saw me, smiled and pushed herself up to sit.

And then she said:


Looking quizzically at Daddy's side of the bed, which had only pillows and soft toys.

I told her gently that Daddy went to sleep outside so she could have a better rest.

Awww, ok lah, Daddy I hope this made the night on the couch worth it. 😂