Little miss helpful

Bumped into an ex-team mate in the lift this morning.

Surprised to find that she has already returned from maternity leave.

Her little one is now 20 weeks old.
With babies, time always flies!

Our very short conversation in the lift revolved around breastfeeding and pumping. There was a male IT guy in the lift too fhl, but we spoke quite freely.

Well I wouldn't have brought this up with anyone, but I guess this will always be a hot topic especially with moms.

I'm happy to share if I'm asked to, but it's just not something I will voluntarily ask or share.

Anyway the conversation just made me think about latching versus pumping all over again.

Would I want to try latching / breastfeeding again, or go straight to exclusive pumping?

I guess it largely depends on the baby too lol. Clarissa didn't like latching, but the blessing in disguise was that she didn't have nipple confusion (only, erh, frustration) and she took the bottle like a champion.

Too early to think about this, but this will always at the back of my mind as we plan for No. 2, given that this breastfeeding/pumping business is one of the hardest things I have ever done. šŸ˜Æ


The other difficult thing is juggling between work and family.

I thought I could leave office at 6 today, take a cab home and bring Clarissa to the playground but nah, the meeting overran to 630pm and then we had to quickly round up the next steps.

As much as I need to rush home, I'm also answerable to my team and my people. So I stayed back to further clarify the next steps.

I left office at 715pm and am in a cab on the way home now.

Too late for playground so I will probably take her out for a stroll to buy bread or something. šŸ˜

She insisted on carrying the loaf of bread.

I was holding her hand with one hand and the bread in the other, but she kept walking over to touch the bag and hold the handle.

So I asked her to carry it with both her hands so she won't drop it.

She really held the plastic bag carefully with both hands and walked gingerly towards the lift, very focused on not dropping the bread. šŸ˜

Still holding onto it when we got home, but the focus was on watching TV commercial instead. šŸ˜‚

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