Video with no image because it was dark lol.

I wanted to record the way she calls "Mama! Baba! Yaya! Ahah!" right after I tuck her in. 😁

She'll usually call out "Mama?" and I will answer her, "Mama is here!"
And then she will say "Baba?", and I'll tell her, gently, "Baba is in the room!"
She'd repeat her questions until I leave her room, and she'd turn her attention to Yaya, who will continue rocking her to sleep before putting her in her cot.

Some nights she'd deliberately "disturb" her nanny by calling "Yaya!" every few seconds while Yaya tries to hum the good night tune.

I say "deliberate" because her tone is always cheeky and sometimes she chuckles after a few rounds of "Yaya" calling.

She didn't do that tonight, partly because it was Daddy who tucked her in (so she didn't have to ask where Baba was) and partly because she was sleepy.

I just want to remember the way the 17 month young Clarissa greets us, her voice, her tone and how precious she is to us.

Better luck tomorrow!

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