18 months

Dear Clarissa

It's 22:59pm now and I'm left with just an hour to update Dayre before the 1st of May comes along and you'd be 18 months and a day young.

You've earlier on refused to sleep when I tucked you in.
It was only after I tried to convince you that everyone – your waigong, waipo, ah ah, yiyiyiyi, gorgor, ah gong, gugu.. everyone I can think of – has already gone to bed, that you rolled onto your mattress to try to sleep.

It's 23:35pm now and I'm now writing in the dark because the earlier attempt didn't work.

You started crying and when I got to your room, you'd puked.

I took over to carry you and you threw up again. Out came more dinner, milk and all the phlegm and mucus, which had been bugging you for the past week.

We changed and thankfully you calmed down quickly.

Spent 10 minutes looking at pictures and you are now fast asleep beside me, just five minutes after we turned off the lights.

Today you turn 18 months young.

We did not do anything special, since you have not fully recovered from the cold, and we couldn't take you to your swimming class.

But you remained cheerful and ever so happy just being able to go downstairs to get lunch with us.

And take a wefie with your parents who also turn 18 months young as parents today.

You pick up things very quickly these days.

Be it hands in your pockets, posing with Daddy, or being Mommy's little helper, taking tissue paper for Mommy to wipe your nose, and throwing it away into the bin on your own.

Your favorite snack is officially 旺旺, and we get you a small packet, just one packet, whenever we pass by the minimart.

At home later in the afternoon, you'd placed the packet of biscuits in my hand, pointed your finger at your mouth and said, "Aahhrm!"

That is your way of telling me, "Mommy, I want to eat the biscuits."

Of course, I obliged.

I decided to open and fix up the gift from Auntie S, Mommy's close friend, given to you for your first birthday.

The pack says "For 1.5 to 6 years of age" so I'd thought we should wait.

Today is the day.

You were so excited, standing beside me, bouncing up and down, as I assembled the shopping trolley.

You then rolled it around the house, shopping and passing fruits around.

Lemon, orange, banana, pear, corn.. you'd pick up whatever I asked for from the trolley and give it to me.

So thrilled with your new toy and new tricks, you'd break out into this signature cheeky grin of yours.

It's so deliberately yet delightfully goofy, so you.

I can't help but laugh whenever I see you smiling like this.

I hope you'd stay cheerful, curious and cheeky.

More importantly, I hope you get well soon and stay healthy!

More adventures and fun ahead!