One of the lines I wrote for one of the hall productions I directed.

After the production, my co-director and partner in crime compiled all the memories and incidents and what-nots into a stack of cards as a thank you and farewell gift to me.

It was our final year in NTU and the last production we worked together on.

Very, very fond memories.

Coincidentally it was also how I met my husband. #HIMMH

The reason why I'm digging up old stuff and feeling nostalgic.

Packing stuff away in preparation for our little #homeimprovement project.

Actually not very "little" because we are going to repaint the entire house and have some built-in storage.

Painting's next Friday, for 3 days.
And I fly off on Sunday night.

Installation's one day after we return to Singapore.

I think it's going to be crazy. 😂

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