Kissing game

Clarissa kissed me on my lips tonight!
Teeheehee. πŸ˜™ #siaomommy

The hubs was playing his usual "Can Daddy kiss you here?" game.

It was my turn.

He asked her if Mommy can kiss her on her lips. So I erm got my lips ready in front of hers hahaha.

And then it happened. She pouted her lips slightly and kissed me.

Her lips felt so soft and cute! πŸ‘„

Right after she kissed me, the hubs and I went awww and laughed in amazement while she immediately turned to hide her face in embarrassment. πŸ˜‚

After this she entertained only one more kissing request where she let the hubs kiss her once and that was it for the night lol.

The hubs is very jealous now. 😜

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