Suspicious baby at the pd | #renoupdate

At the pd's!

Developmental update

The little boss has been upgraded!
She was asked to stand on the weighing scale to take her weight and then against the wall to take her height.

Weight: 11.5 kg
Height: 79cm

We had to guesstimate her height because she refused to stand against the wall. 😅

Basically very suspicious today. 😂

Loving the random $10 buy!
Hehe I have a weakness for stripes.

Anyway suspicious baby is suspicious.

She eyed the pd suspiciously the moment we stepped into the room.
And started crying when the pd examined her. 😂

She knew the pd was going to jab her in the butt and kept turning around to look at the needle.

I think she wailed more because of the anxiety and not due to the pain.

1800: Day 1 of painting completed.

I camped in the master bedroom with the little boss after coming back from the pd's.

Oh my she was bored to tears. 😂
Entertained her for more than two hours before she took her nap.

The progress is pretty good!
They finished the little boss' room, the study room as well as the kitchen.

Tomorrow they would work on the master bedroom and living/dining room. 💪

Glad to know that our Sunday would be freed up!
Our ID initially told us they might need 3 days.

So now I can finish up my packing on Sunday, take the little one out and then catch my flight knowing that our house is in order again. 😁

The rooms don't look too different because we kept the same colors.
The hubs wants to, because he still thinks the original colors we chose were the nicest.

One of the only two major changes is the "white" we use on the walls in all our rooms.

It's now lilac white instead of the previous apple green white. There is really a tinge of lilac which brightens up the place and looks different at different times of the day / with different lighting.

The other major change would be the color of the feature wall in our room.

It would no longer be purple from tomorrow onwards!

We were about to go for the same purple again, because the hubs felt comfortable with it. But I asked for a recommendation just to keep an open mind.

The ID recommended a chestnut / earthly tone and I thought, hmm not bad. So the hubs said he would let me decide and I decided to go for it.

Hope it turns out well!

I was telling our helper about Clarissa's crying episode at the pd's while she changed Clarissa's diaper.

She spotted the handiplast on Clarissa's butt and said, "This must be painful."

At this juncture, Clarissa suddenly started crying.

We both stopped talking to look at her.

She looked at us and flashed a cheeky smile!

Hahaha omg eavesdropping and trying to reenact the scene. 😂

The hubs thinks that Clarissa knows I'm going on a business trip, because she's seen the bags of clothes lying around.

She kept following me around the room / house today, crying whenever I was out of sight.

Even when she was watching commercials, she had one hand holding on to mine.

I haven't left for the trip but I miss her already. 😢

1 year

It's just occurred to me that today marks my first year anniversary as a full time working mom.

2015, April 8th was the first day I returned to work after a 6-month maternity leave.

How time flies!

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