#renoupdate and a bit of everything

We walked out of our room this morning and exclaimed, "Oh this was how our place used to look like before we had Clarissa!"

It felt strangely empty and there was even an echo when we spoke. πŸ˜‚

I think we very much prefer the way it is today, with the big playpen, the boxes of toys and animal soft toys littered all over the place.

And a little girl walking around the house like a little boss. 😁

Two sleepyheads trying to turn on the TV. Team work. πŸ˜‚

The little one rolled to the foot of our bed at 3am but continued sleeping as I placed her back to the centre with Daddy snoring wholeheartedly. πŸ˜…

She stirred at 630am, and I thought she was going to wake up.
But she fell asleep mid-flip, with her soft toys underneath her.

All the way till 8am, which is quite a late start to our day. πŸ˜‰

While waiting for her milk, she used her handkerchief to give each of her animal friends a wipe.

It is our morning routine to wipe her face and hands. I guess her friends need a wipe too. πŸ˜…

By the time she had her milk and stepped out of the room, our helper had already cleared out most of the movable items in the living room to make it easier for the painters later. 😁

In times like this, I really appreciate her being so proactive about cleaning up the mess.

I might have just left the mess yesterday as it was.. until I need to use or find something from that pile. πŸ˜‚

On our way to her 2nd swimming lesson, first class for the new school term.

She insisted that I place my hand on her lap like that, and she held on to my hand like this, the entire car ride.

Though at one point she made me raise my hand and a finger to do her favourite "no no no no" move, where I'd move my index finger from side to side and say "no no no no".
She's somehow very tickled by it.

Chilling with Daddy while waiting for the class to start.

She had a good time in the pool! 😁

The teacher even asked the hubs to let her try submerging for a longer time, because she looked confident and comfortable with water.

The hubs was like, "But this is only her second lesson?" 😁

She did very well, though after the second attempts of each activity that required her head to be submerged in water, she'd shake her hand to tell her Daddy, nono enough already. πŸ˜‚

She was giggling as the hubs swayed her from side to side in water (I guess the water was tickling her earsπŸ˜„), kicking and splashing so happily, and ever so eager to jump into the water again after each push-up onto the ledge.

So happy, she was still kicking in the car seat on our way home. 😁

1633: Painting in progress.

The painters actually wanted to stop at the master bedroom today. Said there isn't enough time for them to finish painting the living room today.

But the ID sent one more painter down and said they will finish the job today, albeit a little later, by 7pm.

Our new feature wall colour isn't very well-received.

The paint hasn't dried yet but the hubs said it looks like sai (shit), literally. πŸ˜‚
Our helper said, "Huh? No more?" She thought there'd be another coat of paint on top. "The pink color nicer!" (Previous wall was purple.)
Sis#5 said, "Looks like cement."

I thought the painting looked patchy but the painter assured me that it is still drying up.

I honestly like the change. I find the color very soothing. But boohoo, no supporters. πŸ˜‚

1845: Peace restored. ✌

The little boss camped in her own room after she woke up from her nap at 530pm.

Sis #5 babysat her while the rest of us cleaned up.

She was surprisingly quiet and cooperative.
My sis confessed that she actually dozed off while watching the little one, but she was just quietly fixing her duplo ice cream and not making a fuss.
So sweet. 🍦😊

2100: I have 2 supporters now for the feature wall.

Where got sai, you tell me? πŸ˜‚

Helper: "Nice leh! With the lights. And it looks yellow without the lights!"

Sis #5: "Doesn't look like sai now that it's dry. Nice!"


My dusty-gold wall, I like. 😁
I like that it'd look different with different lighting.

Now waiting for the hubs to come home from a wedding dinner to look at it in a new light lol.

2221: Now that the little one is in bed, I'm relooking at the photos taken today.

She's been such a sweetheart today, holding my hand like this thoughout the car ride. If I tried to move my hand away, she'd reach out, put my hand back onto her lap and hold it down with hers.

Later in the evening, she casually sat on my lap as I had my dinner sitting on the floor.

And then she leaned against my chest, quietly watching TV with me for some time before jumping off to dance to the music. 😊

I think I'm going to miss her so, so, so much.

Ironically or coincidentally, my first year as a FTWM would be marked by my longest and furthest trip away from the little one.

10 days in Europe.

Half of which would be filled with meetings and half of which would be spent with the hubs.

Our parents have kindly agreed to help drop by to spend time with Clarissa and my sis#5 said she'd help coordinate our Skype calls.

For the first time ever, I've bought pocket wifi for the London trip so we don't have to worry about not having connection to Skype with the little one.

Usually I don't bother because I'd rather wait till I get to the hotel to get wifi connection. #kiamiam

But now that I'm flying out in 24 hours, I feel kinda apprehensive about it.

Due to the time difference I'm not sure if I'd get to Skype with the hubs and bubs while in meetings.

The business agenda is packed with "working lunch"-es and it'd be night time in Singapore.

I just hope I can catch her for a few minutes each day. 😒

There is always this dilemma of whether I should extend my stay at the stopover leg and tour the city with the hubs.. because we'd miss her so much.

Yet it's not like I get to go to Europe all the time, even though I'm going to be on economy class this time because my entire team is traveling and we need to compromise on the budgets.

I've always wanted to go to London and it so happened that there is an available stopover at Heathrow airport.. might as well?

Sigh shall stop here otherwise I'd sound like I'm justifying myself too much.

Our helper sounded worried when she asked me if Clarissa would be going to London with the hubs.
She couldn't hide her relief when I told her Clarissa would be staying in Singapore. πŸ˜…
She said she'd miss her if she's going on the trip with us, and that she'd feel so lonely.

Well I haven't left for the airport and I'm already looking forward to coming home to our little boss.

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