London Day 2

So our day started at 430am because we went to bed at 1030pm.

The hubs was jet lagged (and slept from 4 to 7pm while I watched #DOTS yay) while I was exhausted with less than 4 hours of sleep the night before due to the early morning flight.

So we Skyped with the little one who folded her arms and frowned at us, and attempted to walk into our room, probably thinking we were Skyping from our bed at home. šŸ˜‚

Had breakfast and off we went to St Magaret's Church and Westminster Abby.

(Most of the pictures are from the hubs; I used the camera mostly.)

St James Park was lovely.

I was wowed and the hubs couldn't stop beaming.

"I'm good, right? Found such a nice place." šŸ˜…

We spent a considerable amount of time at Churchill's War Room, which I really enjoyed.

Learned so much more about the history that was so closely linked to home.

My favourite part was the Hitler doodle that someone drew on the map they used to develop strategies for the war.

British sense of humour, very important even in stressful times.

We took a break from the cold, a chilly 6 Degree-Celsius today, and sat in a restaurant to Skype.

So happy to see her in good hands of my dad, sis#5 and our helper. šŸ˜

She attempted to kiss and hug both of us.

And even played peek-a-boo.

Trafalgar Square reminded me of Monopoly again.

There was some kind of protest going on today so it was really crowded.

Then came the biggest highlight of the day:
Chelsea vs. Manchester City.

I was chilled to the bones but the atmosphere was so full of warmth and passion.

The hubs was very excited.

We have watched the Spanish league before, when we were in Madrid.
The atmosphere was great, and there was Ronaldo.

I know none of the players today but thought I'd go for the atmosphere.
In fact yesterday during the stadium tour, the guide asked us who our favourite Chelsea player was.

I was tempted to answer "David Beckham" but thought it might cause a riot of some sort.
Good thing the question was directed at all the men in the tour.

Actually I do know about Drogba, Frank Lampard and John Terry.. but that's about it. šŸ˜…

Man of the match tonight

No. 10 from.. Manchester City. šŸ˜‚
He scored a hat trick.

I don't really know about him before tonight but I told the hubs he must be good because his butt is very sexy.

Chelsea's performance was lacklustre but its opponent's 3 goals made the night worth it.

It didn't matter to me which team won, or who scored, as long as there were goals to witness. šŸ˜‚

Naturally the fanatics were very disappointed. I heard loads of boos and fuck yous and middle finger pointing.

After the third goal, a penalty kick due to a foul by the goalkeeper, people started leaving the stadium.

"Stupid game," I overheard a man remarking as we walked out of the stadium. šŸ˜‚

We went back to our hotel room for cup noodles and the hubs happily spied on the Man City team bus parked right under our window, and took paparazzi pictures of the star players.

I dozed off writing this post (but woke up to watch one episode of #DOTS) while the hubs fell asleep.. at 10pm.

What a day. šŸ˜

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