London Day 3


The temperature today, as shown on the large screen in front of the hotel restaurant.

I couldn't help but say "Whut?!"

The service staff, who showed us to our table, said it was 0°C last night.
No wonder I was trembling so much last night despite wrapping myself up. 😂

The Londoners talk about the weather a lot. It's a conversation starter, but not in most cultures where you talk about the weather in small talks or when you are in fact not keen to engage.

They talk about the weather when they are interested to talk to you.

As a result, they have multiple ways of talking about the weather, as elegant as it is humorous.

Unlike most of us whose vocabularies on the weather start and end with "wahpiang so hot" or "wahlao the rain so heavy", the British describe the weather ranging from factual "It's chilly" to emotional "It's miserable" to expressive "This is mental!"

In sexy British accent no less. 😂

Need. Asian. Food.

Nothing spectacular, but good enough.

Today is spent shopping along Oxford Street.

We went crazy at Primark.
I think it's is a year's worth of shopping for Clarissa.. in one day.

Lots of tshirts, and shorts, pants, rompers, dresses.. The hubs got two bags.. I got some souvenirs for the sisters. Nothing for myself.

Didn't buy anything else for the rest of the shopping trip. Nothing really caught my eye, plus the hubs was feeling under the weather.

Had dinner at a so-so Japanese restaurant and passed by Trafalgar Square again.

Lovely vibes.

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