Home sweet home

It's good to be back. 😊

She was taking her nap when we got home. We greeted her after she woke up, and she flashed a really bright and happy smile.

Happily trying on all the stuff we bought her.

She loves the cap and the shoes!

Hahaha smiling while Daddy removes the tags.

She also loves the stickers on the tshirts. πŸ˜…

Stuck stickers on herself, on Daddy and on me.

Photo evidence. ☝

It's my elder sister's birthday today so we had everyone over for dinner.

Little boss started clapping once she saw the cake and basically kept eyeing it and swallowing her saliva. πŸ˜…

And this is her signature cheeky smile.

She tried to sneak a sip from her Yiyiyiyi's packet but got caught in the act and ended up trying to make everyone drink the green tea.

When it was time for her grandparents and aunties to go home, she reached out to each one of them to give them a goodbye hi-5.
Must touch hands with everyone lol.

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