Lights finally out.

I had no chance of finding out if I'm still waking up in the middle of the night due to jetlag, because Clarissa woke up at close to 1am, crying.

We went into her room and saw our helper carrying her while trying to put a thermometer into her ear.

Clarissa didn't want the thermometer in her ear but our helper said she had to take her temperature because she felt warm.

So we tried to hold her down on our helper's shoulder to take her temperature..

..and she became hysterical.

Cried and cried uncontrollably until she puked. 😢

I took over to carry her and calm her down. Showed her how to "play" with the thermometer by putting it in my ear and then asking her to put it into hers to get the beep sound.

It worked. She complied and we got temperature readings of between 38.5 to 38.8°C. 😢

Meanwhile she was still sobbing so we got out the phone and tablet to distract her while giving her some bread so she could take her meds.

She took both the bread and meds willingly. But her head was somehow tilted to one side so we were worried and tried to test if she could turn her head by moving the tablet.

Seemed ok.

The hubs tried to stick the fever patch on her forehead.. and she started crying again. Helper attempted to stick it after 10 minutes, she cried and pulled off the patch immediately.

Took a while to calm her down before I carried her into her room to make her sleep.

I wanted to put her into the sarong but she whined so I sat down hugging her and patting her back.

She was almost dozing off but went on alert mode when I tried to adjust her.

I stood up to sway her from side to side, still patting her bum. She was whining a little but when our helper pulled out the sarong asking her to sleep, she became hysterical again.

Nonstop crying and wailing and choking, until we had to switch on all the lights again.

It went on for her a good 10-15 minutes.

Nothing could calm her down.

It got so bad that the hubs wanted to send her to A&E.

She seemed to be in some sort of pain but couldn't tell us what it was. 😢

She was crying so much she was also choking and gagging.

I paced up and down the living room with her in my arms, trying to stay as calm as possible. My main concern was the meds that she just took. It must stay down or else we'd have to start all over again.

At this point even the tablet and phone didn't work. She didn't want them.

I thought about how she kept trying to get me to remove my mask during the day, and asked her, "Do you want to remove Mommy's mask?"

She paused her wailing, still sobbing, and took off my mask.

By this time both of us were swearing buckets so our helper wanted to give her a change of clothes and wipe her nose.

She started her Level 10 wailing again. 😯

I ended up sending everyone back into their rooms so there was just me and her left in the living room.

Figured that perhaps she was feeling extra sensitive about people touching her or making her do things she didn't want to.

Asked the hubs for another 10 minutes to calm her down.

"Do you want to turn on the TV?" I asked her, handing the remote control to her.

Thank god she took it and pressed on the play button with her thumb.

We ended up watching some Channel 8 drama rerun with her sitting on my lap, until her sobbing subsided.

Daddy joined us, and we were careful not to step onto any landmine.

"Do you want to change out of your tshirt?" I asked her gently.
She shook her hand, no.
Ok, no.

"Do you want to drink some water?"
Ok, she took her sippy cup and drank away.

It took us a while to coax her to go into our room for some milk.
She finished it and we turned off the lights.

We thought she would be so exhausted by now, she should feel like sleeping.

But she got off the bed and wanted to go into the living room again!
Started crying again when we tried to stop her.

Figured that she wanted to watch TV, so we ended up watching the same drama on our bed.

Every few minutes we would ask her, "Do you want to sleep?"
She would shake her head and hand to say no. 😂

I eventually came up with the 10 minutes rule, and told her we need to turn off the TV in 10 minutes.

It was 330am by the time she reluctantly pressed the play button on the remote control to turn off the TV.

We turned off the lights and she sat in the dark for a few seconds before she leaned on my shoulder. I patted her back gently and she fell asleep very quickly.

I finally could use the toilet and get myself changed while the hubs watched her.

Apparently she woke up briefly, saw Daddy, put his hand on her back (to pat her) and went back to sleep.

Daddy took the sofa while I slept beside her. She stirred and cried a few times in her sleep, but none too serious.

Woke up at 7am, had her milk and took her own temperature. 😂
Well I made sure she's placed it properly in her ear before I pressed the button for her.

I gave her paracetamol again and she went back to sleep.

It's now 0948, and I have:
✔ Gotten queue number to see the talkative doctor
✔ Logged on to my outlook to download all the emails – 318, not bad
✔ Postponed all my meetings for today

I don't think I can do much work today.

Besides the lack of sleep, I'm having the full works of flu – cough, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, blocked ears, headache.

Also having some strange but powerful reflux that causes me to tear and gag.

In fact I was still up at 1am last night because of the reflux.

Was coughing and gagging and nearly threw up twice. 😨
It was awful.

Sigh I hope Clarissa's fever subsides and it's not the flu virus.

This is the first time all three of us are sick at the same time.
My sister too seems to be falling sick; she was also up almost the entire night.

Hope we all get better soon.

I feel bad that we are all sick, I feel bad about missing work for so long, and I feel bad about not being able to help my people close stuff when they need me to. 😢

Not sure why the picture looks so dreamy.
She's wearing a new tshirt handpicked by Daddy that says "I love Mommy". Love her in this shade of blue. 😊

She's almost back to her usual self this morning.
Still having a flight fever though. 😯

I was completely knocked out after lunch + meds.

The talkative doctor gave me 2 days' sick leave and a ton of medicine.

True to his old talkative self, he asked if I was still working with XX (my first brand with the company). I was quite surprised he remembered!

Either he wrote it down somewhere on the medical records (I didn't see anything written beside my name though) or he really has excellent memory because I haven't seen him for at least 4 years now.

Before we left the room he even asked the hubs and I if we went to London for honeymoon, with THAT look on his face. 😂

The hubs laughed and said, "No lah! We're married for very long. Got kid already!"

While I rolled my eyes after we stepped out of the room. 😂

Anyway I'm feeling better after a very deep sleep. But my throat is hurting from all the coughing and I'm sounding like 阿杜.

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