Our 1.5 year-old going 15. 😂

Taught her how to put her hands in her pockets and she mastered it like a champion.

So cool I cannot.

So glad to have survived the day.

I worked from home since I was (and still am) trying to recover from this bad bout of cold and cough and reflux fml.

Everyone who heard me on the phone went, whoaaa your voice. 😂
Yet I had back to back conference calls from 1 to 5pm, and then 9 to 10pm.

Clarissa was extra clingy in the morning. She started sobbing the minute I sat down on my chair.. even though she was standing just a metre away.

Kept demanding "Up! Up!" so I had to carry her up to sit on my lap.

"But Mommy has to work," I tried explaining to her nicely.

In response, she took one of my hands and placed it on my mouse. 😂
I think she was trying to say, "You work lah! I'm just going to sit here."

Well played.

And then there was the touch-ups of the painting and cabinets going on.

On top of calls and everything else.

Clarissa seemed to be getting better though she scared me a little when she napped for more than 3 hours.

I had to wake her up at 715pm for dinner. Otherwise we can all partay all night.

She was a little less active and less cheeky today.

Hope she fully recovers soon!!

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