Yep, the situation this morning: Trying to step out of a locked gate. 😂

The situation last night: Crying for no apparent reason.

We are still not sure what got into her.

She's getting better from her cold, fingers crossed.

But yesterday afternoon, she tripped over her own toes while walking and fell forward, bumping her forehead on the tiled flooring.

It happened so fast that none of us were able to catch her, even though we were all standing quite closely around her.

Obviously she cried from both the shock and the knock, and cried even harder when we tried to put on an ice pack.

It took nearly half an hour to calm her down before she drank some milk and took a nap.

She was ok after she woke up from her nap. Quite whiny during dinner but she finished her food.

My dad dropped by and she played with him happily. We watched TV together and she started getting a little whiny / angsty.

She'd point toward the ceiling and/or her head and then whine.

She also seemed to be following what was happening on the Channel 8 detective drama, and shouted when she saw the mad woman about to hit another woman.

My dad tried to cover her eyes to prevent her from seeing it (futile, I know) but she resisted (of course).

Gone are the days where she only paid attention to the commercials, we realised belatedly.

Her whines became quite serious so I took her to our room where she continued whining. Nothing I did was right to her. She didn't want anything.

When the time came for her to get a wipe-down before having milk, she gave us a meltdown instead.

So we said, how about you have some milk first?

At first she called out, "Yaya!" and even let her carry her into her room. But 10 seconds later the crying started again.

Took a while to calm her down by scrolling through pictures on the phone.. before she finally agreed to lie down to drink her milk.

The hubs had to entertain her by saluting whenever she called out, "Baba!"

Thankfully she's always amused when he does this.

And then we had to change her while she was standing up. Because she refused to lie down on the bed.

After we got everything sorted out, I tucked her into the sarong, said good night and left her with our helper to rock her to sleep. I went to brush my teeth and I heard crying from the bathroom.

She didn't want to sleep.
It was already 1045pm, way past her bedtime due to the earlier episode.

So I sat her down on our bed and tried to calm her down by singing to her.

The hubs told her she could sleep with us and proceeded to turn off the lights.

She cried. 😂😂

So I started the singing etc all over again and we gradually turned off the lights one by one.

Note that she was sitting down all these while, even as all the lights went out except the back light from the dressing area.

And then she started scratching her head so I took over, scratching her head gently while stroking her hair.

Guess what?
After just 3 rounds of scratching and stroking her head, she dozed off, still sitting down but with her head resting on my pillow. 😂

She was that tired! But had some unknown fear of lying down / falling asleep.

After this she opened her eyes a few times to check if I was there.. and it was 2345 by the time she settled in deep sleep.

She woke up again at 2am!

It was basically a restless night until my alarm rang at 0630am and I felt sleepy the entire day.

It's 22:42 now and she's asleep!
We tried the NO-TV after 9pm approach tonight and entertained her with random games and other random toys like boxes and shower gels (unopened ones of course) which she picked off our side table.

Hehe the cheeky one with her Daddy.

Perhaps she was over stimulated by the TV last night.
Or perhaps she knew we were returning to work today after a long weekend. 😂

Whatever it is, I hope she's feeling better now!

This stands for oops. 🙊🙊🙊

My colleague (the one whom I had a conversation in the lift about breastfeeding) pinged me today to ask for a meet-up.
She wanted to ask me something about work and also "tips for working moms".

I said I'm still learning myself and in fact I barely slept last night.
She said, oh wow so it doesn't get better as the baby grows up?

I tried to reassure her that all babies are different. Clarissa has her good days and bad days. Sometimes she sleeps through the night, sometimes she doesn't.
Last night was just one of those.

She told me she's exhausted, but her husband told her that their 5-month old son slept through the night when she was on business trip.
Yet he wakes up every 2-3 hours when she's at home. (Erm the son, nor the husband 😂)

So I said:

Hahaha maybe your husband also slept through the night. 😜

Oops sorry for the sabotage, I just couldn't resist it.

She actually laughed and said it might be true. Lol.

I think the art of learning what to say and how to say something more comforting is a constant and never-ending journey.