The situation this morning: Picking something to read.

This is her little corner. 😁

Oops Mommy caught paparazzi-ing. 😅

She looks like a proper little girl, picking her own books and sitting down in front of the shelf to flip through the pages.

I tried to stand up to get to my desk but she protested, one hand pulling mine and one hand patting the floor.

"Mommy, you'd better sit down," I guess that was what she was trying to say. 😂

The situation this afternoon: Sticky.

I fed her lunch and then went back to work. Our helper tried her best to entertain / distract her but I kept hearing her call out "Mama!" whenever I coughed or whenever she felt like it.

And then she burst into the study room and demanded to go "Up!" onto my lap.

We then had the deja vu moment where I asked her, "How to work?" and she placed my hand on the mouse in response to my question.

RedMart delivery came and she got busy looking through the bags of groceries and helping to put them away. 😁

I bought a new brand of puffs / tiny biscuits, ie the Gerber equivalent, and let her try a small piece.
She loved it! Beamed in delight lol.

I asked her to give one to Yaya to try, so she took it and walked towards the kitchen where our helper was keeping the groceries away, and waited.

Just as our helper was walking towards her, she popped the puff into her own mouth instead. 😂

She then turned to look at me, and smiled happily. She looked like she'd forgotten that she was supposed give it to her Yaya because of the 10-second wait.

So I gave her another piece to give to her Yaya. She took it, walked towards our helper, showed her the biscuit and then put it into her own mouth. Hahahaha.

It happened a few times before I gave her two pieces instead of one, and she finally "remembered" that she was supposed to give one to Yaya.

And then it was time to nap but I had a baby stuck to my hips. 😂

After several failed attempts, our helper finally carried her out of the study room. I heard her trying to get the little girl to nap and I also heard a lot of crying and whining.

Helper: You are tired. It's time to sleep!

Clarissa: Ah! Wahaaah!

Helper: What do you want?